How to fix your robot vacuum cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaner Eufy on the carpet

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

Robot vacuums are a huge time saver. Plug them into the charger, schedule a schedule, and your floors will be cleaned without you having to do much more than empty the dust box every few days.

But every now and then it’s a good idea to service your robovac.

What does it entail?

Basically, this involves giving it a clean and replacing any worn out consumables.

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What materials will you need to do this job?

  • Tools: Robot vacuums come with a brush and a utility knife to remove tangled hairs that accumulate around the brushes.
  • Consumables: These include filters and brushes, and you usually get a few with the robovac.
  • Soft cloth – For cleaning.
  • Tips Q – To get into the crevices.
  • Isopropyl Alcohol – For general cleaning.

Why you need to clean a robot vacuum cleaner

OK, let’s take a look at mine Eufy RoboVac X8. This has been in service for about six months, and although I have kept it clean, it is time for more in-depth service.

It is a bit dirty and dusty.

A dusty Eufy RoboVac X8

My Eufy RoboVac X8 needs some cleaning.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

And the brushes are getting a little clogged with hair and debris.

Bottom of the RoboVac X8

The brushes – which do a lot of hard work – are a bit clogged with hair.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

Mud can hide in the smallest crevices.

Close-up of the circle around the brush

Hair and dirt can accumulate in random spots.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

And there is the dust collection box.

The dust collection box slides out of the machine

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

There is a lot of horrible things here that need to be cleaned up. That filter looks pretty clogged.

Dust trapped in the filter

The dust collection box, especially the filter, needs a good cleaning.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

How to clean your robovac

1. Gather all the cleaning tools that came with it

The great thing about the Eufy RoboVac X8 is that there is a cleaning tool built into the dust box that has a cutting blade on one end and a brush on the other. This is really useful because I don’t need to remember where the tool is!

Cleaning tool with blade

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

2. Remove the roller brush

The roller brush is held in place with small clips on most robovacs. If you have any doubts about how to disassemble your robot vacuum cleaner, consult your manual! Another good tip is to take pictures before taking anything apart – this way you know how to put it back together!

Unhook the brush

The clips hold the brush in place.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

Lots of dirt on the brush and around it!

Dirty brush with the cage removed

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

3. Using the cutter, carefully remove the hair and clean the brush.

Cut away any tangled hair and strands from the brush

Cut away any tangled hair and strands from the brush.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

Remove as much hair as possible from the roller.

Cleaning the roller

A lot of hair can accumulate on the roller and it’s a good idea to remove as much hair as possible.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

4. Gather supplies for a deep clean

You will need a soft cloth, cotton swab, and diluted isopropyl alcohol – Don’t pour the isopropyl alcohol on the robovac! Instead, place a small amount on the cloth.

Isopropyl alcohol and Q tips

Prepare for a deep cleansing

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

5. Clean the charging contacts.

Clean the contacts with a Q-tip

Give the charging contacts a swipe.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

6. Also clean the optical sensors.

Cleaning the optical sensors with a Q-tip

Cleaning the optical sensors.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

7. Clean any vents.

These are important to make the vacuum cleaner work well.

Using the included brush on the vents

Brush the vents.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

8. Clean the inside of the robovac with a cloth.

Using a cloth to clean the inside

Enter the belly of the robovac!

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

9. Take the dust collector and filter outdoors to clean if possible.

These are pretty dirty and it is best to take them out! Brush the filter thoroughly. With caution, you can continue to reuse the filter for about a year (the manual will tell you what the recommended life of the filter is).

Keeping the filter removed

Now it’s time to tackle the dust collector and filter.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

10. Go back inside and clean the box.

With a touch of isopropyl alcohol on the cloth, wipe it off.

Clean the dust box and filter

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

11. Clean the outside of the robovac.

Clean the outside with a cloth

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

12. Don’t forget to clean the charging base!

Pay attention to the charging contacts and the sensor lens which allows the robovac to find the charging base.

Wipe the charging base with a cloth

Give the charging base a swipe.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

13. Finally, remember to put away your cleaning tools!

Robovac tool pit cleaning

Put your tools away so you can find them next time you need them!

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

All done!

Clean Eufy RoboVac X8

Finished the clean! The robovac is ready for further cleaning tasks!

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

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