It is worth playing | “Fractured Online” Gets Early Access Date to Steam, Debuts on New Planet and Race

Fractured is the first open-world sandbox MMORPG that mixes action combat with fully interactive environments, attracting lovers of competitive and cooperative gameplay alike. Jump right into the fray from day one. Defeat your enemies with your skill and intelligence, not with equipment or level.

Collect resources, craft, trade and venture into legendary journeys as a lone hero, or start a settlement with your guild and transform it into the next empire.

fractured plans to bring together the best of action RPGs and sandbox MMOs, two genres that have never been successfully paired before. On the one hand, the game will feature a highly skill-based combat system that rewards tactics, reflexes and finger agility; on the other hand, the user will be immersed in a fully player-driven economy, with an emphasis on realistic resource management, creation and advanced world colonization capabilities.

In addition, Dynamight Studios wants to broaden its audience by allowing new players to be competitive from day one, by getting rid of the “oomph” mechanics that characterize the genre and implementing innovative rules on player interactions.

Fractured in line features three races: Humans, Wildfolk and Demons. Each race has a different impact on game mechanics, such as the type of society players can live in and how they interact with other players. Live within the peaceful Wildfolk community where cooperation and defensive gameplay shine or have free will as you try to follow the rules of a feudal society, such as breaking the law and “killing” other players, like a human. For those who prefer hostility, blood and terror, they can embrace their inner evil alignment by spawning as a Demon. Once a race has been chosen, players can begin their quest for knowledge.

Combat also plays a vital role in Fractured Online as players will find it a suitable way to resolve a dispute. Combat is fast-paced as fighters learn to aim, dodge and master over 400 unique abilities and 40 status effects. It is up to you whether the abilities are used against various monsters in PvE battles or against your fellow players in PvP combat.

gamigo and Dynamight Studios have announced it Fractured in line will arrive on Steam Early Access on September 15, 2022.

when Fractured in line launches in Steam Early Access, players old and new will be introduced to the planet of Arboreus and its inhabitants, the peaceful Wildfolk. Their inclusion marks the first time a race other than humans has been available in Fractured in linethus giving players even more control over their style of play and how they want to interact with the game world.

Wildfolk show a strong attachment to nature, live in harmony and fight anything that threatens the balance of their lands. This connection with nature grants them a natural affinity with the magic of the druids, drawing power directly from the planet and are able to transform into their animal counterpart at will. Wildfolk are also unique in that they have subraces that include the tiger-like Chadra, wolf relative Udoadra, bear relative Nheedra, and deer relative Erwydra. Each subrace has its own strengths and weaknesses, such as the Chadra who are capable warriors who are more prone to combat, while the Erwydra are naturally more inclined to practice magic as they are extremely intelligent and have excellent memories.

In addition to the inclusion of a new planet and race, the launch of Steam Early Access marks another important milestone: the seasons. Guild members will be able to perform certain in-game actions to receive seasonal points for their group. Each point brings a guild one step closer to the top of the leaderboards. The top guild will earn unique rewards that offer a variety of bonuses, including City Relics that can generate special buffs.

It’s not all! Fractured in lineThe Steam Early Access launch will receive regular updates that include new areas to discover, new skills to learn, and even more exciting content in the coming months.

In Fractured, choosing where to start your journey doesn’t mean following a different set of missions in an otherwise identical game. Join the first MMO where your race has a real impact on game mechanics, from the type of society you live in to the ways you can interact with other players.

  1. No human being is born good or bad. Make your choice to obey the law or break the established order. From a righteous governor to a cruel brigand, any road is open for you on the planet Syndesia. Beware, though: you will be subject to the rules of a feudal society, so think ahead of the consequences of your actions!
  2. Living on a planet overwhelmed by gigantic vegetation, Beastmen have developed a deep connection with nature that has endowed them with superhuman resilience and keen survival skills. If you enjoy cooperative and defensive gameplay in a peaceful community, look no further – Arboreus is your new home.
  3. Exiled to a hostile planet with scarce resources and fraught with danger, the Demons possess an inner evil alignment that makes it natural for them to prey on each other and other races. Make Tartaros your choice if you are hungry for blood and dreams of becoming a legendary raider, murderer or worse.

When players aren’t improving their skills, they can choose to take part in Fractured Online’s solid player-driven economy. Forget about finding a broadsword in a spider’s corpse. Every item in the game is made by players, so it’s best to be nice to your local blacksmith or else you might end up fighting enemies with a stick. Artisans, merchants, farmers, shepherds, miners, woodcutters, hunters and scavengers all play an important role in the world. Take advantage of the uneven distribution of resources to make high profits when trading in distant markets, but make sure you reach your destination alive!

Assert your claim to free the earth in the open world, protect it from your enemies and start your own farming and farming business. Your products will never be in low demand as access to food and water is essential for survival, especially when venturing on long extra-planetary journeys.

Wood, stone, metal, gems, aromatic herbs. Each planet is rich in some commodities and is completely devoid of others. Explore the huge Fractured universe to locate and collect the rarest resource nodes in each region, but remember – locals might try to stop you as exploiting the environment can damage an entire ecosystem!

Not all resources are good for harvesting. Furs, hides, bones, shells, and many other key crafting components can only be obtained through PVE combat. If you are an avid monster hunter, Tartaros will be your dream land … or perhaps your worst nightmare.

Tired of MMOs where the fun starts 80 hours after you start playing? In Fractured, you are free to join your friends on the most epic adventures right from the start. Once you’ve set your character’s strengths and weaknesses, you’ll be looking for knowledge and reputation, not attribute points!

Say goodbye to the conventional level of RPGs and skill systems you’ve seen too often and embrace the power and flexibility of the Knowledge System. The time has come for you to be rewarded for your bravery and intelligence, not for the hours you spent chasing zombies or punching a training dummy!

Take a moment to rest in front of a fire in your home, tavern, or your party’s camp. Prepare a set of skills to define your role in battle and assign your talent points to fine-tune your build. Done? Time to enjoy the freedom of a MOBA with the persistence of an MMO!

Fractured wants to break the boundaries of the MMO genre by bringing the fighting style you loved in single player action RPGs to a complex sandbox universe. Learn to aim, dodge and master over 400 unique abilities and 40 status effects – only your skills and tactics will lead you to victory!

Stuck between a bandit clan and a raging river? Animate the waters to protect you or freeze them to reach safety, then melt them to drown your enemies! In Fractured, the natural elements around you can always be harnessed to defeat your enemies, even when all hope seems lost.

Are you looking for a new home? Find a suitable location and strike a deal with your guild. As a governor, you will be able to lead its development in a social, commercial or military center. Be warned though: your city’s rise to power won’t go unnoticed, so be prepared to protect it from hostile raids and sieges!

Fractured in line will arrive on PC (Steam Early Access) on September 15, 2022.

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