The Yankees lose to Rays for the fifth consecutive series

NEW YORK – The scoreboard showed Rays 3, Yankees 1. In reality, it looked more like a 13-1.

If the Yankees were looking for a silver lining, there is this: at least they weren’t left out for the third consecutive day.

Tampa Bay only got one shot after the first inning, but the three runs scored by the Rays in the first frame on Tuesday at Yankee Stadium were more than enough to deliver the Yankees another defeat, New York’s eleventh defeat in their last 13. matches.

“We’re all frustrated, but you can’t let frustration get in the way of your getting ready and getting ready to go every night,” said manager Aaron Boone. “We have some guys who are in a rut. We have to prepare and prepare and fight to get out of it. It is part of it. It’s not fun when you’re going through it, but that’s where we are now.

As of July 9, the Yankees are 11-22, their .333 win rate during that stretch being the third lowest in the Majors ahead of only the Tigers and Nationals.

The Yankees were leading the American League East by 15 games at the time, but Tuesday’s defeat brought the Rays to nine games from first place, the closest division game since June 15.

“Nobody in here is happy about it,” said Aaron Judge. “Having some pillow helps, but that pillow can go down quickly, so we have to stay on it.”

“Welcome to Major League Baseball and play in the pennant race,” Boone said. “There is pressure with it.”

Randy Arozarena’s three-point home run against Nestor Cortes in the first inning gave the Rays a quick lead, then Jeffrey Springs and four Tampa Bay rescuers did the rest. The Yankees only had four hits all night, even though they failed to make two in the same inning. They went 0 out of 4 with the runners in scoring position, the only point coming in fifth when Andrew Benintendi tripled and scored on Miguel Andújar’s RBI ground which Yandy Díaz started through a mistake.

For those keeping the score at home, the Yankees have a total of one run in the last 27 innings, losing another series of divisions in the process.

“You’re surprised at the kind of guys we have and the kind of guys who fill those roles while some of our big bats are out,” said Judge, referring to the absence of Giancarlo Stanton, DJ LeMahieu and Matt Carpenter. “We just weren’t able to get that big hit with the guys at the base. We cannot get depressed; we have to go out there and score ”.

Having opened the 10-0-2 series season against AL East foes with just four series losses before the All-Star halftime, the Yankees have now lost five straight series and seven of nine since the break.

“It’s better for this to happen now in August than in the first week of the playoffs or towards the end of the year when you enter the playoffs, kind of like taking a punch in the mouth,” the judge said. “Make it happen now, learn to respond to being hit in the face a couple of times; it will be fine for us. You can’t have the good without the bad, so I think it’s good for everyone in this room to go through this period, look in the mirror and say, ‘Hey, what do I need to do to get better? ‘so we can get out of this routine “.

Jose Trevino agreed with his teammate, stressing that “a little adversity never hurt anyone”. The results of the past six weeks would certainly qualify as a form of adversity, but the team’s stellar play in the first three-plus months has left her able to absorb the pain without looking at the spiral of the season.

“This team is special; everyone says it from the start, ”said Trevino. “We didn’t lose it.”

Over the past two nights, the most common word within the clubhouse has been “spark” – as in the thing the offender has been desperately looking for in an effort to get out of this slip.

That spark could come in the form of winger Estevan Florial, who will reportedly join the squad for Wednesday’s game. Florial, the Yankees 15 prospect number according to MLB Pipeline, may be just one of multiple moves made on Wednesday, Boone suggested. Another is no. Oswaldo Cabrera, potential 14 ranked, who posted a story on Instagram to say he would be called. The club did not confirm the news.

“He is a special talent; the time I got a chance to play with him, seeing him at Spring Training, he’s a guy who always wants to learn and he’s a hard worker, ”Judge said of Florial. “He does little things to help his team, so if it is true that he will come here, he will definitely help us.”


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