Giants’ Kenny Golladay Unhappy With Role: “Came Here To Act”

Kenny Golladay only played two shots last week and the expensive Giants wide receiver isn’t happy with that.

Whether the lack of activity is due to his training habits or because this new coaching staff does not believe they have gained more time on the pitch, Golladay sees, in his opinion, a certain Truism:

“I should play, regardless,” he said in his locker Wednesday after training.


“This is a fact,” he said.

The Giants are 2-0 and Golladay was not part of the success. And he’s clearly confused and flustered that coach Brian Daboll hasn’t found a place for him within the attack.

Golladay played 46 snaps (77%) in the 21-20 win over the Titans and received two receptions for 22 yards. In week 2, he was a spectator – two shots – when the Giants returned to beat the Panthers 19-16.

“I didn’t like the decision, in any way,” Golladay said. “Even the people on the team were saying ‘What’s going on?’ ”

Kenny Golladay during Giants rehearsal on Sept. 21, 2022.
Noah K. Murray

Daboll and CEO Joe Schoen inherited Golladay. More to the point, they inherited Golladay’s bloated contract – four-year, $ 72 million – and knew the 28-year-old receiver was immovable in 2022. His base salary for this season is fully guaranteed at $ 13 million – he counts $ 21, 1 million on the cap salary – and if it were released, it would create more than $ 25 million of dead money and actually add nearly $ 5 million to this year’s cap.

Golladay led the NFL with 11 touchdowns in 2019 with the Lions, and the Giants in 2021 believed they’d get a 6-foot-4 target that would be a weapon in the red zone and make contested catches across the field. He was part of a dysfunctional Giants bout last season and in 14 games received only 37 passes for 521 yards and no touchdowns.

It has been hard work for Golladay all summer. Schoen said Golladay underwent an unspecified medical procedure in the off-season, keeping him off the camp in the spring. His training camp was patchy.

Daboll insists that he runs a meritocracy and that playing time goes to those who earn it, regardless of pedigree, salary, or position on the roster. Richie James, taken from the 49ers, and Davis Sills, a former training team player, received more time on the pitch than Golladay.

Daboll informed Golladay last week that he would not be part of the wide receiver rotation against the Panthers. Golladay said he “agreed to disagree” with Daboll when he was told about his reduced role of him.

Kenny Golladay
Kenny Golladay during Giants rehearsal on Sept. 6, 2022.
Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

“It wasn’t like there was an argument or back and forth,” Golladay said. “I just accepted what you said.”

Is your relationship with Daboll broken?

“I mean, it’s what it is, it’s a business,” Golladay said. “I’m not here to make friends with the coaches. They are just work colleagues for me. “

Daboll said Golladay handled the relegation professionally.

“That’s why it’s a little confusing, because everyone in this building tells me I do everything right and I’m a pro at whatever I do,” said Golladay. “So he’s a little confused.”

Golladay paused before saying he would require a trade – treating it is unsustainable – if his playing time doesn’t increase.

“We won’t go into all of this now,” he said. “We are entering week 3, we will see how it goes. There is still a lot of football “.

Based on his conversations with Daboll and seeing the game plan for Monday night’s game against the Cowboys, Golladay feels he will have more than one role.

“I think it’s probably going to be a little different,” he said. “I’m getting ready as if I have to play, but who knows?”

This is Daboll’s first bump, which overturned the Giants’ recent history of early-season defeats. Kadarius Toney, another receiver considered a starter and key contributor, only played seven snaps in the opening. Golladay said last week was his first game in his life where he was healthy and yet wasn’t involved in the action on the pitch.

“I came here to play,” he said. “I’m pretty sure they’re also paying me to play. They want to see more, I think.

“I really disagree or like it. But I can only control what I can control, and this works every day. If I were in the game [vs. the Panthers], I feel like everything that has been done in the game I definitely could have done. We won at the end of the day, which is good. “


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