What are the beneficial and evil planets in astrology?

Planets in astrology help shape and guide us. The energy of these planets is different, with some bringing more positive effects than others.

Those planets that bring joyful times are called beneficial planets while those that often force us to acquire a sense of structure and order are evil planets.

We all have beneficial and evil planets in our birth chart.

During a beneficial transit, we tend to focus and prioritize ourselves and even give ourselves too much. Practicing balance is important to get the best out of these planets.

On the other side of the coin, malefic planets can make us feel stressed, exhausted and conflicted. Evil transits are necessary to get us out of our comfort zone. They allow us to evolve, to become more patient, insightful and detail-oriented.

While they may have a bad reputation, spells aren’t as horrible if we focus on becoming more aware and self-improvement. These planets teach us how practicing patience takes us one step further.

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beneficial planets

The benefits can bring us periods of calm and relaxation when they transit. They can help us be more aligned and open to love and caring for ourselves. These are times when we treat ourselves, especially after mentally strenuous transits.


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