Aurora Mobile’s JPush solution allows CFMOTO to optimize

Aurora Mobile Limited, a leading provider of marketing technology and customer engagement services in China, today announced that it has signed a strategic agreement with Zhejiang CFMOTO Power Co., Ltd. (603129.SS) (“CFMOTO”), a leading manufacturer of motorcycles and motorsport vehicles, to help maximize user reach and engagement with its JPush smart push notification solution.

In the new era of consumers, consumer brands have developed and complemented their ecosystem to not only provide quality products and services to users, but also to leverage effective communication tools and channels to improve user engagement and persistence and unlock the long-term value for users. With the JPush solution, Aurora Mobile will help CFMOTO implement accurate, personalized and intelligent user engagement and engagement capabilities that fully meet user needs in terms of products and social experience.

JPush helps brands improve user experience with accurate, stable and timely push messaging solutions.

The CFMOTO app serves as an intelligent mobile service platform to connect CFMOTO users and vehicles, integrating a number of functions such as driver and vehicle connection, user interaction, customer service and subscription services. It is designed to provide high quality online customer services throughout the entire customer cycle. One of the most appreciated services by CFMOTO motorcyclists is the real-time fault warning. For example, in the static or moving state, abnormal vibrations generated by a motorcycle will be monitored and an alert will be sent to the driver in real time. At the same time, customer service personnel will be alerted by the system to further verify with the driver a potential emergency rescue.

JPush fully supports various operating systems including Android, iOS, HarmonyOS, QuickApp and WinPhone and is compatible with JPush, APN (Apple’s Push Notification Service), FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) channels, and system-wide push messaging channels of various mobile device brands such as Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, VIVO, Meizu and ASUS. As such, JPush guarantees CFMOTO riders not to miss any safety messages. In addition, JPush quickly integrates SDK notifications in 3 minutes and delivers notifications in milliseconds, protecting the safety of CFMOTO users in a timely manner.

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Regarding the large global user base of the CFMOTO app, JPush provides stable and reliable push notification services. During the development phase, JPush performed six main tests, including tests for no-load traffic, no-load power consumption, online reliability, concurrency, service stability and network robustness, and its architecture has proven to be capable of supporting tens of or billions of daily visits. Therefore, JPush offers CFMOTO effective, accurate and customized push notification solutions to offer its users a stable and comfortable interaction experience.

JPush delves into unlocking user value through engaging multimedia users.

To help CFMOTO improve app open rates and user persistence, JPush provides various message templates in different types and formats, including 9 message types such as custom messages, rich media messages, in-app reminders, short messages and gated messages and diversified formats such as notification bar, large text, large image, notification drawer, full screen notification, feed, pop-up and custom formats.

These built-in templates can be quickly and flexibly applied in various messaging scenarios in the CFMOTO app, including marketing event messaging, to increase user interest. For example, messages that combine text with pictures or short videos about motorcycle events or new motorcycle test drives are more attractive than simple text messages, and fence messages help motorcycle drivers easily find motorcycle shops or inns CFMOTO.

Behind JPush’s strong service capabilities is Aurora Mobile’s commitment to helping businesses establish an intelligent and close connection with their customers and become the most valuable business service provider. Moving forward, the Company will continue to explore new opportunities in the field of customer engagement with new products, services and technologies, helping companies to reach and engage multi-channel smart users at low cost and high efficiency.

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