Because it is up 10.66% today

  • The share price of SOPHiA GENETICS (SOPH) is up 10.66% today. Here because.

The share price of SOPHiA GENETICS (SOPH) is up 10.66% today.

Why: Investors responded positively to the presentation of the company’s strategy on its first ever Investor Day.

Details: The event – led by CEO and Co-founder Dr. Jurgi Camblong and members of the management team – provided a roadmap of the company’s long-term vision and highlighted new business opportunities and partnerships. One of the strengths of the event was the acceleration of SOPHiA GENETICS into the biopharmaceutical space, which opens the door to new market growth opportunities. The audience also felt how the company’s strategic business model allows it to continue to provide solid depth in the clinical space.

Collaboration with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center: SOPHiA GENETICS recently announced a Memorandum of Understanding to initiate a partnership with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. And once concluded, the collaborative agreements will combine the power of SOPHiA GENETICS ‘extensive global network and deep expertise in predictive algorithms with MSK’s clinical expertise in cancer genomics. The collaboration agreements will enable SOPHiA GENETICS ‘global network of healthcare professionals to access MSK’s proprietary tumor sequencing tests such as MSK-IMPACT for tumor analysis. Additionally, the collaboration agreements will combine MSK’s rich precision oncology data with the SOPHiA CarePath module to enable the acceleration of actionable information from the data to improve patient outcomes.

Partnership with Boundless Bio: Recently, SOPHiA GENETICS announced a partnership with Boundless Bio, a next-generation precision oncology company that develops innovative therapies directed against extrachromosomal DNA (ecDNA) in tumors amplified by oncogenes. And it has been well established that patients with oncogene amplification generally do not benefit from standard cancer care treatments, and unlike other forms of oncogenic gene alterations, oncogene amplification frequently occurs on the ecDNA. EcDNAs are circular units of nuclear DNA distinct from normal chromosomes and are the primary site for high copy number amplification in cancer. Boundless Bio is developing the first ecDNA-directed therapies (ecDTx) along with a precision diagnostic method called ECHO (ecDNA Harboring Oncogenes) to detect ecDNA from a patient’s routine tumor sequencing data. The partnership between Boundless Bio and SOPHiA GENETICS will further develop ECHO for use in ecDTx clinical trials.

DEEP-Lung-IV multimodal clinical study: In late 2021, SOPHiA GENETICS launched a DEEP-Lung-IV multimodal clinical trial with the aim of aggregating real-world multimodal (genomic, clinical, biological and radiomic) data for patients with metastatic non-small cell lung cancer. And the study has garnered interest from top-tier centers globally, with a strong trend towards patient recruitment; to date, nearly 900 patients at 23 sites have been enrolled in the study. As patients were followed along the patient journey, datasets were collected and analyzed by the SOPHiA GENETICS machine learning algorithm to predict how patients will respond to immunotherapy and why. This patient data will inform SOPHiA GENETICS ‘artificial intelligence and machine learning that will power the upcoming SOPHiA CarePath module, a new product that will be launched on the SOPHiA DDM platform and aims to be the vehicle that healthcare professionals can use to leverage the real world, real-time insights obtained from this study. The SOPHiA CarePath ™ module will provide the following benefits:


“A key theme throughout the day was how we innovate; how SOPHiA GENETICS, since its inception, has identified opportunities in the healthcare sector for innovation and acceleration of data sharing to advance medicine, research and patient care. Our vision is made possible by the solid foundation on which our company has been built, as well as the strategic relationships we have formed to further our mission of democratizing data-driven medicine. “

– Jurgi Camblong, CEO and co-founder, SOPHiA GENETICS

“Our vision is to expand access to world-class data, including our current network, which contributes to the collective intelligence of the SOPHiA GENETICS platform.”

– Philippe Menu, MD-Ph.D., Chief Medical Officer, SOPHiA GENETICS

“We are delighted to partner with SOPHiA GENETICS to develop Boundless Bio’s ecDNA detection algorithm, ECHO, into a clinical trial device. The ability to identify patients with ecDNA-driven tumors is central to our mission in addressing this area of ​​high unmet medical need. SOPHiA GENETICS ‘unique experience in developing cloud-based IVD NGS software algorithms makes them an ideal partner to develop ECHO in an experimental device. “

– Peter Krein, Ph.D., Vice President of Precision Medicine at Boundless Bio

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