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“Mercury is a very complex company.” These were the words I heard on my first day with the company about three years ago. I had friends at Mercury and had followed or competed against the company for over a decade, but it was only on that first day that I realized I had little understanding of what the company actually did, who it served and what it stood for. And, based on our market research, it turns out I wasn’t alone.

what are you doing?

Some who have known Mercury for a long time might describe the company as “an incorporated information technology company” or a “defense electronics company.” Others who have seen our growth in RF and electronic warfare technologies might talk about our RF, microwave and mixed signal products. Then there was the addition of C2I and C4I and security features, which led some to describe the company as a robust systems or server company. Now, with an advanced security and mission processing portfolio, Mercury is gaining recognition as an avionics company. Finally, there’s our investment in microelectronics technologies, which will likely be the company’s fastest growing and most exciting evolution, as we can now do all of the above on a chip scale.

Mercury has grown so quickly and has added so many people, technologies, capabilities and products over the years that a lack of familiarity with what the company does was likely inevitable. So how do we tackle this conundrum of familiarity?

Well, trying to tell the world Everything the company does not work: We sell EW test and training solutions, application ready subsystems, military rugged display systems, rugged servers and subsystems, data transfer and storage systems, RF microwave products and mixed signals such as frequency converters, signal sources, components and amplifiers, microelectronic components such as memory, custom system-in-package and multi-chip modules. Then there are the boards: multiprocessing, single board computers, GPGPU, FPGA, video and graphics, networking, I / O, storage and RF. But wait there’s more – development systems, tools and software. Not to mention the services we offer: systems integration and design assistance services. We can make your products. Do you need help with security certification or do you need someone to check the security of your system? We do it too!

No wonder no one knows exactly what Mercury does.


Sometimes an effective way to solve a problem is to do the opposite of what you’ve tried before. And this little tactic has brought our marketing team to a conclusion: there is a thread running through everything we do. Our evolution was not ad hoc. There was a strategy and a purpose to all the acquisitions, technology and investments of the past 40 years and it is right there in our vision statement:

Make the world a safer place for everyone. Our goal is to provide everything under processing solutions on any system that requires uncompromising processing.

What we have built is a computing platform on which the world’s most advanced aerospace and defense solutions have been built. Our realization: We don’t need to explain Mercury’s multitude of solutions; we just have to describe our one offering to customers: the Mercury computing platform.

The mercury processing platform

The Mercury computing platform includes all the technologies we have built over the years: security, signal, RF, display, computing, software, networking, and storage. In addition to these technologies, it includes our people, their experience and how we serve our customers. The platform and its technology are offered from silicon, or chip scale, up to system scalability and is mission ready, reliable and secure, software defined, open and modular. Our customers can tap into individual pieces of the platform, but the more they leverage, the more value it can provide.

Our customers – the pioneers of defense systems, avionics visionaries and new technology futurists of the world – rely on the Mercury Processing Platform to address a range of applications from sensor processing to mission computing, command and control to communications. They build aerospace and defense solutions that collect sensor data at the extreme edge and deliver meaningful insights that enable better / faster mission-critical decision making.

And at no time in our recent history has the Mercury Processing Platform been so relevant. With similar threats and the very real prospect of the US and its allies losing a technological advantage, the status quo of technological innovation will not work. “Incremental earnings are no longer enough”. The compute platform must help our customers – and the industry as a whole – bend the innovation curve, accomplishing the mission faster than ever. We are focusing the platform to ensure the maintenance of our technological superiority, the strengthening of global alliances, the expansion into strategic domains and the building of strong security and resilience, all in the most cost-effective way possible.

Bend the curve

So what does Mercury do?

Mercury is a technology company that delivers commercial innovation to rapidly transform the global aerospace and defense industries. From data to decisions, from silicon to systems, A&D leaders are turning to the products, services, technologies and people that make up the secure end-to-end Mercury Processing Platform – the exponential power that connects customers to what matters moreover. Innovation that countsĀ®. To and from the people who matter.

Would you like to know more? I encourage all of you to join us and find out how you can bend the curve.


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