NVIDIA announces OVX Computing Systems, the graphics and simulation foundation for the Metaverse, based on the Ada Lovelace GPU

GIGABYTE, H3C, Inspur, Lenovo, QCT and Supermicro will offer OVX systems; BMW Group and Jaguar Land Rover among the first customers to receive OVX systems

GTC – NVIDIA today announced the second generation of NVIDIA OVX ™based on NVIDIA Ada Lovelace GPU architecture and advanced networking technology, to deliver revolutionary real-time graphics, artificial intelligence and digital twin simulation capabilities.

The new NVIDIA OVX systems are designed to build 3D virtual worlds using the main 3D software applications and to operate in an immersive way digital twin simulations in NVIDIA Omniverse ™ Enterprise – an end-to-end scalable platform that allows companies to create and manage metaverse applications.

Launched in MarchNVIDIA OVX, a processing system designed to power Omniverse digital twins on a large scale, will be delivered to some of the world’s most sophisticated design and engineering teams at companies such as BMW Group and Jaguar Land Rover.

“Large-scale digital twins are redefining the way nearly every industry plans, designs and builds in the physical world,” said Bob Pette, vice president of professional visualization at NVIDIA. “NVIDIA OVX will deliver the next generation of computing power required for the most complex digital twins of factories, buildings and entire cities.”

The power supply of the new OVX systems is the NVIDIA® L40 GPUalso based on the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace GPU Architectureoffering the highest levels of power and performance for building complex industrial digital twins.

The third-generation RT cores and fourth-generation Tensor Cores of the L40 GPU will provide powerful functionality to Omniverse workloads running on OVX, including accelerated material rendering with ray-tracing and path-tracing, physically accurate simulations and data generation photorealistic 3D synthetics. The L40 will also be available in NVIDIA ™ Certified Systems servers from leading OEM vendors to power RTX workloads from the data center.

In addition to the L40 GPU, the new NVIDIA OVX includes the NVIDIA ConnectX®-7 SmartNIC, providing improved network and storage performance and the precision time synchronization required for lifelike digital twins. ConnectX-7 includes support for 200G network on each port and fast online data encryption to accelerate data movement and increase security for digital twins.

Adopters around the world accelerate performance
The BMW Group and Jaguar Land Rover will be among the first to be equipped with the power of the new systems.

“Planning our factories of the future begins with building state-of-the-art digital twins using NVIDIA Omniverse,” said Jürgen Wittmann, BMW Group Head of Innovation and Virtual Manufacturing. “Using NVIDIA OVX systems to run our digital twin workloads will provide the performance and scalability needed to develop large-scale photorealistic models of our factories and conduct realistic simulations that will transform our manufacturing, design and manufacturing processes. “.

“NVIDIA OVX and DRIVE Sim offer a powerful platform that allows us to simulate a wide range of real-world driving scenarios to safely and efficiently test our next generation of connected and autonomous vehicles, as well as recreate the customer journey. to demonstrate vehicle characteristics and functions, “said Alex Heslop, director of electrical, electronic and software engineering at Jaguar Land Rover.” Using this technology to generate large volumes of high-fidelity and physically accurate scenarios in scalable and cost-effective way will accelerate our progress towards our goal of a future with zero accidents and less congestion. “

Information system specifications
Each OVX server node combines eight NVIDIA L40 GPUs with three NVIDIA ConnectX-7 network cards, delivering 100/200 / 400G network power. For Omniverse workloads that require a higher level of performance and scalability, the servers can be deployed in NVIDIA OVX POD and SuperPOD configurations with the NVIDIA Spectrum ™ -3 Ethernet platform.

The second generation NVIDIA OVX systems will be available from Inspur, Lenovo and Supermicro by early 2023, with GIGABYTE, H3C and QCT offering them in the future.

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