Plot 60 elite games of Micah Parsons

FRISCO, Texas – back with three quick arguments over the Dallas Cowboys after Sunday’s 20-17 rebound win over the Cincinnati Bengals which, as Cowboys owner / CEO Jerry Jones said, provided a nice “tonic” for their week 1 fights against Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

  • Micah Parsons
  • Noah Brown
  • Takeaway to the defense

I know it…
Micah Parsons officially achieved national superstar status when CBS apparently had a camera dedicated to his every move during Sunday’s Cowboys-Bengals broadcast.

Rightly so. The All-Pro’s defensive linebacker / final was a major factor for the Cowboys who held the Bengals’ dynamic offense to just one touchdown, 254 total yards, and just 6 of the 17 third-down conversions. With two of Dallas’ six layoffs over Joe Burrow, Parsons has become only the sixth player since 1982 – when layoffs became an official statistic – with at least five multi-sack games in his first 20 career appearances.

He was also credited with five quarterback hits from the NFL and eight total pressures from Pro Football Focus. Even more impressive: for the most part, in this particular match, the Bengals had a good idea of ​​where he would be lining up.

Arguably this was Parsons’ best performance in the Cowboys uniform given the defense’s urgency to ramp up their game for a sold out Dallas offense and the way he created splash opportunities for others. on the line.

With that in mind, here’s a closer look at her 59 total shots from my unofficial eye:

  • In my view, Parsons has lined up on the left edge 34 times, including the first 16 snaps of the match, both as running support and as a runner against former teammate La’el Collins. (It’s clearly a fight the Cowboys wanted.) He lined up on the right edge for 21 snaps against Bengals left tackle Jonah Williams.
  • Let’s just say that Parsons was going a lot further forward than back in week 2. He only got into coverage twice, and not before three and a half minutes had elapsed in the third quarter. He also hit center twice from the linebacker’s point. Other than those shots, he was purely an advantage player against Cincinnati.
  • Both bags of Parsons arrived in single cover. On his first firing, he initially pushed past Collins, then made a fantastic second effort to wrap up Burrow after Collins dove in to push him out of the game. The second lot was all speed, the wind adapts to the Williams on the outside.
  • The Bengals gave Parsons a good deal of attention. By my count, they had an extra offensive tight end, running back, or lineman that chipped or blocked it for 18 snaps. On the first of Collins’ two false starts, three extra boys were encamped by his side.
  • Give Parsons an assist on at least two more Cowboys sacks. On Dorance Armstrong’s second layoff, Parsons pushed Bengals center Ted Karras into the backfield, giving Burrow nowhere to step forward. He slammed Leighton Vander Esch’s pocket on the sack again with a successful inside rotation move against Collins.

I know what you are thinking. It’s hard to watch that game and say, “Yeah, take Micah back to the linebacker.”

But defensive coordinator Dan Quinn reiterated Monday that the Cowboys still want to maximize Parsons’ “ability to not always be where you should be”, which means that his versatility on or off the scrimmage line is a gift that makes guess what. defenses.

“I think it really just comes down to pairing with how we want to operate,” Quinn said. “With the firepower they had (up front), it seemed like it was the best way to face this last match.”

Safe to say it worked pretty well.

I think…
no one was more enthusiastic about wide receiver Noah Brown’s first touchdown in career than attacking coordinator Kellen Moore.

Unsurprisingly, Moore came up with a game plan that he played well to support quarterback Cooper Rush’s strengths. Before he started coaching, Moore and Rush were teammates in the Cowboys quarterback’s room during Rush’s 2017 rookie season.

But remember, Moore also threw passes to Noah Brown that season. Brown was a rookie pick in the seventh round in 2017, Moore’s final year as a quarterback on the Cowboys roster.

Moore saw Brown transform into a well-rounded catcher who just posted a 91-yard record and a TD when the offense absolutely needed that kind of production without franchised quarterback Dak Prescott (thumb) in the lineup. Brown looked leaner and faster in training camp, and was brought back to the regular season.

“I would definitely say he adapted his body. He came into the league as a bigger body that did an amazing job for us in the racing game,” said Moore. He had his role as him. He did all the things for the special teams and found a couple of passing opportunities here and there as a kind of change.

“As the years have gone by, he’s gotten a little more (in) the pass game, really starting last year and then moving completely into this year. He’s just a normal, all-down receiver. He doesn’t have a role.” “. ‘He’s not a’ pack ‘type. He’s ringing the receiver. You can only see him in the contested catch opportunities where Coop threw him a couple last day. Throw contested catches, give him opportunities and he played.”

I have no idea…
how many takeaways will the defense get this season, but if last year is a guide, they won’t be stuck on one for long.

It is quite impressive that Tom Brady and Burrow were held to a touchdown each in these first two games. But there is another level that defense can achieve, and that is to create extra possessions for the attack.

Currently, the Cowboys are tied for the second lowest number of takeaways in the NFL with one (Donovan Wilson safety interception on Brady). Dante Fowler Jr.’s sack streak on Burrow in the second quarter almost gave them another one.

The Cowboys led the championship with 34 forced turnovers last year. They only played four games without takeaway food. They only played five games with no takeaways left.

Quinn was pleased with the effort, tackles and toughness of the defense in two games. However, takeaways will continue to be the center of attention.

“I think there’s another place we can go,” Quinn said. “I know we’ll work our asses to get there, just like the guys did this week.”

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