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The cloud is the foundation that enables companies to transform, differentiate and gain a competitive advantage. Many global organizations are now focused on cloud-first strategies as they advance in the use of cloud services throughout their business. Today, cloud adoption is on the rise, and organizations are also planning to spend most of their new or additional funding to pursue cloud transformation. However, the question that arises here is; what about cloud security?

To address the same problem, Google Cloud in association with organized an exclusive discussion on “Securing Businesses and Digital Transformations on Cloud”, as part of the “Re-imagining Tech in 2022” series, in which the leading experts of the industry came together to share their views on how enforcing security, privacy and data protection controls for data processed and stored in the cloud is a common challenge for businesses and how leaders can address those issues through the right approach to cloud security.

Data protection and cloud deployment

The discussion began with a keynote speech from Saurabh Tiwari, Chief Technology Officer,, in which he explained the role and significance of the cloud in leveraging digital transformation, while sharing insights into how security has become an important factor. when you actually have data about in the cloud or when you allow your customers to self-serve travel. He also shared insights into how organizations can improve their cloud security approach with the right cloud architecture, cybersecurity policies, and cybersecurity awareness.

While sharing application security insights, Saurabh Tiwari said: “When it comes to application security, the most important thing is to protect data and data encryption because data is something that resides in the database or moves. in transit when a transaction is happening. Data protection has become very important, especially when it comes to the cloud business. After the cloud is deployed, it is imperative that leaders put some sort of intelligence on possible threats to avoid or prevent future incidents. This will help them continuously monitor cloud security measures. ”

Provide secure infrastructure and applications

While sharing information on how organizations can meet cybersecurity policies, regulations and business goals on the cloud, Sandeep Agarwal, Customer Engineer, Google Cloud Security Specialist, said: “Organizations have turned to the public cloud to save money. on costs or to supplement their data center capabilities. However, many organizations are now looking to the public cloud for security reasons, realizing that cloud service providers can invest much more in people and processes to deliver secure infrastructure and applications “.

Adding the point, Sandeep said, “In google cloud, we aim to accelerate our customers’ ability to digitally transform their business. Our mission is to modernize security regardless of whether digital transformation is happening in our cloud or elsewhere. The way we do this is by leveraging our global infrastructure and intelligence that has some unique and industry-leading features. Through Google Cloud, we provide customers with a secure core infrastructure designed to prevent threats, security controls to achieve business objectives and capabilities to simplify their compliance. ”

Google’s security and its differentiators

While sharing some of Google’s crucial security solutions, Sandeep said: “When it comes to phishing and ransomware, we at Google Cloud have addressed those issues with our Work Safer solutions and Chrome Enterprise products. We have also resolved DDoS attacks and Bot with our products such as reCAPTCHA Enterprise and Cloud Armor. And when it comes to solving the challenges of remote working models, we have addressed the problems of secure access to applications from anywhere with our BeyondCorp Enterprise solution. ”

Adding the point, he said: “In Google Cloud, we try to eliminate the entire class of threats and not just put a patch on a problem. Furthermore, our security solutions not only address the problem, but also make security frictionless for end users. Not only do we build the digital immune system for ourselves, but we also help build a digital immune system for our customers and the Internet in general. “

“We support our customers from the start by providing motivated guidance, solutions, projects and best practices that make it easy to deploy and operate securely while running on Google Cloud. In short, we create an increasingly secure environment based on our invisible security concept, where security technologies and capabilities are built into our products and platforms, “Sandeep said while sharing insight into how Google security enables leaders to thrive in a data-driven market environment.

Today, the cloud has become a fundamental pillar for companies to keep up with the times. Many leaders adopt and execute cloud-first approaches in various business functions within their organizations. With digital transformation and remote working models, it has become important for organizations to protect their data and networks, making cloud security a necessity of the moment. With simple security features, Google Cloud offers security solutions designed to enforce security, privacy, and data protection controls for data processed and stored in the cloud.


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