BSD Predictions Roundtable: Penn State vs Central Michigan


I 100% expect this to be a disappointing game, and in particular I think OL comes out a little lazy. A few pushes to fully wake up and in the middle of the second quarter the Lions build a two point lead. Allar takes over at the end of the third quarter, with Veillieux finishing the job at the end of the quarter.

Penn State 42, Central Michigan 17


My only concern in this game is if the PSU is a bit drunk from celebrating the glorious take down in Auburn and starts slowly enough that the starters don’t stop until the 3rd quarter is over. That said, this looks like a hungry team ready to prove doubters wrong week after week and bought the whole “1-0 this week” mentality. Look for Nick Singleton to do some more big rounds for TDs or to set up TDs (with Kaytron Allen also intervening) and for Cliff to drop a dime or two on his receivers. The defense may not look as robust as last week due to Manny Diaz freely spinning the boys to build some depth for October’s gauntlet, so just a warning to our resident doomers in the comments section.

Penn State 49, Central Michigan 20


It’s a midday home game after an impressive win – we’re all used to Penn State’s slow starts in such situations. Meanwhile, central Michigan started horrific in all three games this year, including a goalless first quarter in last week’s 41-0 win over Bucknell. So what will it give there? In the end, I think Penn State wins comfortably, but there will be some setbacks along the way, probably in the form of a loss or two. Just like the Ohio game, I think a lot of people play and play early, especially on defense. I think this Penn State release is much better than the September 2021 Penn State release. But I still feel Villanova’s vibes here, even though I think they will handle the ball much better on Saturday. 1-0 mentality and let’s get to the heart of the Big Ten game.

Penn State 41, Central Michigan 16


I expect a slow start, but not a general disappointment in this one. Drew Allar plays most of the second half and Nicholas Singleton exceeds 100 yards for the third consecutive game.

Penn State 42, Central Michigan 14


Don’t be surprised to see a slow departure from Nittany Lions. A sleepy midday kick against a MAC opponent the week after a huge away win and the week before the Big Ten game hits full swing.

While I wouldn’t be stunned to see the score being something like 10-7 18-20 minutes into the game, the Nittany Lions will eventually back down and roll to victory. We hope to see the offensive line continue to move forward as we can see the young lads (Allar, Carter, Singleton, Dennis-Sutton, etc.) continue to play a lot and make great plays.

Penn State 45, Central Michigan 13


If Drew Allar doesn’t have at least two touchdowns on Saturday, I’ll throw a tantrum.

Penn State 49, Central Michigan 17


(Originally appears in the game preview)

You can find quality talent across the Central Michigan roster, as the team is expected to compete for another MAC title after winning nine games a year ago. However, the defense was porous and the offense won’t have the power to hold out with Penn State for long.

Penn State will likely continue to emphasize its running game, as we’ve seen it come to life with the improvement of the offensive line and the addition of Nicholas Singleton and Kaytron Allen in the backfield.

Clifford finds Brenton Strange and Parker Washington in the end zone, while Kaytron Allen and Nicholas Singleton each contribute touchdowns. Defensively, PJ Mustipher leads the team with 3.5 TFL, while Joey Porter Jr. and Ji’Ayir Brown each receive an interception.

Hopefully the best case scenario: Penn State jumps ahead early, clears the benches in the second half and leaves the game with everyone in full health as the first month of the season draws to a close.

Penn State 49, Central Michigan 13


(Originally appeared in the B1G preview and Degenerate Challenge)

The buzzword after Auburn’s game was “disappointment”. Penn State will go high thanks to that win, and they will come out lazy against a central Michigan team that Power score if given the chance (or if it is the fourth quarter e Oklahoma state is playing team managers).

I myself am curious to see who goes out for Penn State. Many years ago we’ve seen Lions not being able to shake off a defeat, or come out, uh, disinterested after a big win, so this is a perfect opportunity to show that this year is different.

Penn State 56, Central Michigan 17

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