Salesforce unleashes Genie, introduces Slack Canvas at Dreamforce 2022

At Dreamforce 2022 this week, Salesforce made a series of announcements aimed at improving the cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider platform.

Among the major announcements from the conference was the launch of Genie, a data platform that will serve to support all of Salesforce’s data-driven efforts, including its customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

Slack, that Salesforce acquired for $ 28 billion in 2021, it also made headlines at Dreamforce with its digital HQ initiative and new feature previews.

Rounding out Dreamforce’s big news is Salesforce’s sustainability effort called Net Zero Marketplace, where companies can purchase carbon credits to help fight climate change.

For Salesforce founder and CEO Marc Benioff (in the picture), Dreamforce and her company’s announcements are about rethinking the way people work, with a focus on the Japanese concept of shoshin, which means beginner’s mind.

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“We have to have a beginner’s mind, especially when it’s a new day like this. A beginner’s mind has all the possibilities, but the expert’s mind has very few,” Benioff said. “So how do we cultivate our rookie mind when it’s a new business day? We need to start thinking about what we really want.”

Salesforce introduces Genie at Dreamforce 2022

Underneath all Salesforce SaaS applications there is some form of data access as a fundamental component. The new Genie platform is an effort to bring real-time data infrastructure into Salesforce.

“Genie is a high-speed hyperscale data lake infrastructure that powers all of Salesforce’s applications,” said David Schmaier, president and chief product officer of Salesforce, at a news conference. “Genie improves all Salesforce applications.”

Genie benefits from multiple features already present in the Salesforce platform to enable real-time data distribution. Can use the Salesforce Flow automation platform to enable faster workflows. It also leverages Salesforce’s Einstein AI technology to help make better decisions and forecasts.

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Genie is needed because most organizations have data in many different places. At the core level, Genie provides a high-speed data lake that allows companies to capture data from all of their different systems in order to provide a unified customer experience.

“Genie is the platform that enables organizations to deliver magical experiences to customers,” said Schmaier. “They aren’t actually magic – we use science to deliver this magic and we use our Flow technology to provide better, faster and easier automation.”

Slack gets a new canvas for collaboration

Tamar Yehoshua, Slack’s chief product officer, explained at the press conference how her company’s technology has enabled a digital headquarters for many organizations.

At Dreamforce, Slack previewed Canvas, a new feature to help businesses share more information across conversations and channels. Canvases can be created and attached to a specific channel to collect and share information. It will also be able to integrate with other business tools such as Tableau analytics software, Atlassian Jira and Google Workplace to get more information.

“Canvas is a persistent layer of information that captures responses and complements the real-time nature of Slack channels,” said Yehoshua.

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