The 10 best cosmic heroes of DC Comics, ranked

DC Comics pioneered superheroes in many ways, creating tropes that everyone in the future would use. In the Silver Age, DC introduced the first cosmic superheroes and has revolutionized the concept ever since. The number of great cosmic heroes in the DC multiverse is staggering, with each one doing things differently, facing threats and challenges that freeze the blood of Earth’s mightiest heroes.

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From Darkseid to alien invasions to intruders from other universes, DC’s cosmic heroes keep space safe. They rejected threats that they would eat the raw Earth and made a name for themselves throughout the cosmos.

10 The Legion of Super Heroes protects the United Planets from any threat

The Legion of Superheroes are some of the first cosmic heroes in comic book history. Teenagers of the 31st century fought the biggest threats the future has to offer, stopping intergalactic wars, evil villains, and threats that shatter the imagination. The team is definitely massive, but they have learned to work together and use their skills to tackle anything.

The Legion has often been at the whim of the shifting tides of DC history retcons, but one thing that never changes is their devotion to saving the universe. They may seem old-fashioned at times, but the Legion is the best of the best.

9 Kilowog has trained the best green lanterns ever

The Green Lantern Corps is full of unknown cosmic heroes, but they all have one thing in common: they were trained by Kilowog. As the Corps chief drill sergeant, Kilowog was responsible for making sure each member of the Corps is well versed with their ring and ready for anything the universe can throw at them.

Furthermore, Kilowog is a fearsome Green Lantern. When he shows up, the enemies are likely to surrender when they fight him. His reputation has spread throughout the universe. Without him, the Corps would not be as fierce in battle and would be without one of their largest guns.

8 Supergirl’s reputation has spread throughout the universe

Supergirl was a teenager when Krypton exploded and saw the people of Argo City die. Sent to Earth by her father, she found her cousin Kal-El who grew up while she was still a teenager. She made a name for herself as a hero on Earth, but would soon spread her heroism of her to the cosmos, fighting to defend the innocent people of the universe.

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Supergirl became known as a great heroine for her exploits in space. The evildoers whisper her name in a low voice and she has inspired many across the cosmos to rise up and fight. The Maid of Might has always been there for everyone, no matter what planet they are on.

7 John Stewart is a Green Lantern icon

John Stewart took over from Hal Jordan and proved to be a brave hero like few others. Whether with the Justice League, the Corps or alone, Stewart is always at the forefront of every battle. The former marine sniper and architect is known for his skill and accuracy, as well as creating meticulously designed constructs that took down the most dangerous enemies.

After his arrogance wreaked havoc on the Xanshi world, Stewart pledged to protect the innocent like never before. He is among the most trusted members of both the Green Lantern Corps and the Justice League and there are few enemies he cannot defeat.

6 Orion is the fiercest warrior in New Genesis

Many heroes have bad parents, but few of them can compare to Orion. Fortunately for the Dog of War, Darkseid ceded his son to New Genesis in a peace deal. Growing up in that heavenly world did little to appease Orion’s anger, but fighting against his father’s forces did. Since then, Orion has been New Genesis’ fiercest defender and has even joined the Justice League.

Fighting against his father and his mighty minions has tested Orion like nothing else. He has proven himself on countless battlefields. While he can be quite grumpy, fighting alongside Orion is always a recipe for victory.

5 Big Barda is the most dangerous woman in the universe

There are many muscular heroes out there, their strength allows them to overcome all enemies. Big Barda is as physically tough as anyone else, but her true strength comes from within. On Apokolips she was known as the greatest Female Fury ever, but she had the courage to do something none of the others could: she rebelled in the name of love.

By running away from Apokolips with Mister Miracle, Barda would earn a more fearsome reputation than ever. She would fight Darkseid’s forces and join the Justice League on multiple occasions, working alongside the universe’s greatest heroes and proving she belonged to them.

4 Mister Miracle has faced things that would destroy anyone else

Mister Miracle was the other half of the peace agreement between Apokolips and New Genesis. Sentenced to the Armaghetto, he was locked up in Nonna Bontà’s orphanage. Each day was a battle for survival, but he had always lived to fight the next day. Eventually, his love of him for Big Barda gave him the courage to escape and the two of them took their place among the forces of New Genesis.

Since then, Mister Miracle has joined the Justice League and fought the armies of Darkseid. He faced his own demons and came out victorious. Mister Miracle is a special kind of hero, one who can go anywhere and come out the other side with a win.

3 Kyle Rayner kept the entire universe safe by himself

Kyle Rayner received the last Green Lantern ring and stood out like no one else could. He quickly made a name for himself as a legend of the Green Lantern Corps. Rayner did not have the Guardians of the Universe and an entire body to support him. He was alone out there and still managed to save the universe from every conceivable threat.

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Rayner joined the Justice League and became one of the team’s most formidable members. When the Corps returned, he became a Lantern of Honor and one of its leaders in the field, as well as a host for Ion and a White Lantern. Kyle Rayner is a great hero, one who excelled in a situation that would have devoured anyone else.

2 Hal Jordan has saved the universe a thousand times over

Hal Jordan is known as the greatest Green Lantern for a reason. The first human to receive a Green Lantern ring, he quickly showed how skilled he was and quickly grew in the esteem of both the Guardians of the Universe and the heroes of Earth. Jordan has had his troubles over the years, but there is no other Lantern out there who has saved the universe as many times as he has.

Hal Jordan is a legend in sector 2814 and beyond. He is the Lantern to whom the whole Corps seeks leadership. He survived everything that was thrown at him, saving the universe against all odds and spreading his legend of him among the stars.

1 Superman’s cosmic exploits are legendary

Superman may have been cast to Earth, but that doesn’t mean he’s just a planet’s hero. Just like his cousin Supergirl, the Man of Steel traveled the universe, saving alien races from attacks and calamities. Superman is the greatest hero in the universe and anyone who needs help can rely on him to show when the chips are down.

There is no threat too great for Superman. He has faced the worst the universe has to offer and always comes out the best. Every intergalactic despot or star killer monster learns the same lesson: Superman is not to be fooled.

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