The Hurry-Up: Ian Moore Confirms Visit For Wisconsin Game, Ohio State Uses Recruiting Rankings As A Resource But Doesn’t Take It As Gospel, Josiah Abdullah Will Visit USO

Shortly after his Ohio state trial for the Notre Dame match, 2024 four-star Indiana offensive lineman Ian Moore had plans for his next appearance in Columbus.

He was looking at this weekend’s Big Ten opener against Wisconsin as his preferred date for his next visit, but wasn’t sure if he’d be able to make the trip due to obligations to his high school football team. Moore confirmed Eleven warriors Friday morning he will be in town for the game, the second of the month. Advantages of night games, right?

Moore will take another look at the Ohio State offensive line and may see his second game visit to Columbus this weekend. His first such experience made a strong impression on the 6-foot-5, 295-pound lineman.

“The offense was great,” Moore said after his visit. “The passing game and the running game really impressed me. The offensive line went through the defense of Notre Dame “.

Moore is one of the few 2024 priority visitors expected to make a second visit to Columbus in September, and the state of Ohio would like nothing more than to begin building the foundation of its 2024 class.

The USO sees recruiting rankings as a resource, but not an end

Sometimes, when we write about a prospect on Eleven Warriors, we will refer to which player is ranked in the composite rankings of 247Sports, which is a combination of various rankings from a single prospect’s recruiting networks.

They create very interesting discussions for both fans and the media and, of course, ultimately lead to formulating the overall national recruiting ranking that a class signs in a particular class.

This is common knowledge for most of you. But do college coaches, and more specifically, the state of Ohio, care about how a specific player is ranked in the recruiting industry? Um, more or less. But it probably won’t determine which perspectives they pursue or don’t pursue.

“We are absolutely aware of that,” Day said of knowing what potential prospects are ranked by various recruiting networks. “We have our ratings and we rate our kids and we test them. And then, every now and then, we say: “What are the national rankings of some publications?” Just to get an idea. Generally, the guys with a higher score are a little harder to get, and that’s right. ”

Day added that just because a recruit gets a lot of publicity in a national publication doesn’t mean the state of Ohio feels the same about that prospect. But at the same time, she hasn’t ruled out that the charts can sometimes align with the Buckeyes’ point of view.

“(A high ranking) doesn’t mean that maybe they’re the right fit for us or our rating is in line with what maybe that ranking is,” Day said. “We try to find the right fit for us. And it’s pretty close, the guys who are ranked higher are usually really good football players. And maybe there are a couple that aren’t.

“So when there’s someone out there that we value very highly, they’re high on our list, they’re highly recruited, we’re competitive, we want to go get them.”

Abdullah to visit the USO

A wide receiver with multiple Power Five offerings in the 2025 recruiting class plans to pay a visit to the state of Ohio this weekend.

Josiah Abdullah announced on social media that he would be heading to Columbus for the opening of the USO Big Ten, joining a plethora of highly touted recruits from various recruiting classes.

Abdullah does not yet hold a composite ranking, but has collected 24 Division I offers, including Arkansas, Texas, Tennessee, Texas A&M, Purdue, NC State, Ole Miss, Pittsburgh, Missouri, Louisville, Kentucky, Kansas, and Florida State.

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