Process and control today | Control Products, Inc. provides parking brake sensing switches for heavy-duty industrial, agricultural, and military mobile machinery

Control Products, Inc (CPI), the leading US expert manufacturer of heavy duty sealed switches, thermal switches and linear position sensors, offers many high performance product lines developed specifically for and with OEMs in the military, construction, off-road industries. , agriculture, mining, submarine, oil and gas and other challenging markets. One area of ​​application illustrating CPI’s ability to develop and supply specialty products is parking brake sensing switches used in construction and agricultural machinery as well as heavy military logistics vehicles. Following its recent acquisition by The Variohm Group, CPI is represented across Europe by Variohm EuroSensor.

Image: CPI E Series Waterproof Limit Switch shown as part of a complete switch assembly

Detection of parking brake activation can be performed reliably and cost-effectively with CPI’s durable waterproof E1 Series limit switches with IP68 rating. With the actuator switch overmolded with a choice of Santoprene (industrial grade) or Neoprene (military grade) boot materials, their complete resistance to water and salt spray, dirt, dust and oils is ensured . Alternatively, for use in more demanding environments with an estimated life of millions of switching cycles, CPI’s J-series ball switches feature a patented 100% waterproof sealing mechanism and an extended temperature range optional.

Specifically, the E1120 series waterproof limit switch has a low simulated roller angle mounting design with a narrow profile angle mounting bracket for compact installation within the brake handle housing. With its all stainless steel construction, the momentary action switch can be supplied to meet operating standards for military use or heavy industrial applications where life is rated at 100.00 cycles for lower rated current variants. Rated loads of 2A to 15A between 12 and 28V DC and AC voltage switching versions are available. Like all CPI products, the E1120 can be customized for mounting and configuring the switch actuator to meet application requirements. The electrical connection is made via flying cables or optional Packard Weatherpak connector. The E-Series waterproof switches have an excellent reputation in many other applications where safety is paramount. These include, but are not limited to, alarm backups, interlock switches, hopper door switches, and valve position sensing.

CPI’s J4 series ball switches can meet parking brake activation detection and other applications where a fully submersible performance lever actuator is used, as well as optional features including long life resistance ratings of up to five million cycles and nominal temperatures from -55 to 205 ° C. For maximum operational reliability, the J4’s patented ball support design prevents contaminated materials from blocking the ball mechanism. Originally designed for demanding military vehicle applications and suitable for use in heavy duty industrial and commercial machinery, these switches offer electrical ratings of 28VDC, 5A and optional SPST configuration, normally open or normally closed contacts. In addition to challenging limit switch and safety lockout applications in industrial and military systems and equipment, CPI’s J4 ball switches are also used in critical vehicle applications as the primary sensor for neutral safety systems in industrial vehicles where the purpose of the switch is to detect that the vehicle is in neutral before starting.

CPI Inc. is an ISO9001 registered manufacturer with over seventy years of experience in demanding control tasks in the aerospace and military, construction, off-road, agricultural, mining, submarine, oil and gas and many other challenging fields. CPI develops, designs and manufactures its full product range of linear position sensors, waterproof switches and thermal switches from its purpose-built facility in East Hanover, New Jersey, and has the bold corporate slogan “Your equipment is tough enough to our sensors “.

Following its recent acquisition by The Variohm Group, CPI is represented across Europe by Variohm EuroSensor. For more information on the wide range of CPI products, visit or contact Variohm EuroSensor at or call +44 (0) 1327 351004.

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