The 5 best virtual DJ apps for Windows 10

where there are several reasons why you might require DJ software on your Windows 10 PC. It could be to liven up a small meeting with close friends or make money working as a DJ, either as a side gig or a full time job.

Whatever the reason you need DJ software, there are apps to suit your needs that differ based on factors like price and ease of use. Therefore, this article will introduce you to some of the best DJ software applications for your Windows 10 PC and outline why some are best suited to your needs.

What should good Windows 10-based DJ software do?

First, it must be able to provide industry standard functionality. These features include proper library management, smooth mixing capability, compatibility with external controllers and hardware such as turntables (including the best DJ turntables around), and availability of music streaming.

It may also provide you with access to free DJ mixes and sets to further enhance your experience.

Using the application should also be a pleasant and not overwhelming experience. This means that its user interface should be intuitive and relatively simple for a novice user or semi-skilled DJ to navigate.

Furthermore, the software must also be compatible with your Windows PC. This means that using the application shouldn’t be a chore and shouldn’t cause your system to malfunction. With the above in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best DJ software options for Windows 10 users.

1. Registration box

Rekordbox is a leading DJ software aimed primarily at professional DJs and is available for Windows 10 PCs. Even if you are new to DJing or require it for a one-time gig, you will still be able to use this software as it has a sleek and stylish user interface. intuitive.

It was originally a music software management tool before adding DJ functionality to its arsenal. As a result, it contains advanced features that allow you to organize and personalize your music collection in a unique and seamless way.

Plus, you can automatically sync existing playlists, create custom keys and loop points, and even view and analyze the waveform of songs as they rotate.

Rekordbox also has a cloud storage feature that allows you to stream songs from online platforms like Tidal and SoundCloud. This feature also allows you to archive songs, playlists, and even prepared songs, complete with their cue data, to Dropbox.

For more information on its features, you should consult our more detailed guide on Rekordbox and how it works.

One of the biggest limitations of Rekordbox is that it is integrated into the Pioneer ecosystem as it is only compatible with other Pioneer hardware equipment. This means as a professional DJ; you will run into difficulties if you have to perform in a venue with only additional equipment from other brands such as Numark or Stanton.

You can use Rekordbox’s basic features for free, such as library management, DJ control, and cloud sync features, but a subscription is required to access its advanced features. These subscription packages are available starting at $ 9.99 per month.

The free version is ideal if you are an amateur jockey looking to entertain a small group of people or if you intend to use the software infrequently. On the other hand, as a professional DJ, you should subscribe to get the most out of this software.

All in all, Rekordbox’s pricing, features, and ease of use combine to make it a popular choice on Windows 10 for both professional DJs and amateurs alike.

Download: Rekordbox (free, subscription available)

2. Virtual studio

Virtual DJ has been around since 2003 and is still one of the most popular music mixing platforms. It’s available for your Windows 10 PC and is ideal for DJs of all skill levels.

While packed with cutting-edge features, Virtual DJ is relatively easy to use, as it comes with 4 different layout plans, Starter, Essential, Pro, and Performance. This makes it easy for you to choose based on your skill level.

Through its library management system, Virtual DJ allows you to add songs and playlists from internal and external sources. This includes partner catalogs such as Soundcloud and Deezer.

Plus, Virtual DJ lets you manage your content with smart folders and playlists for easy access. It also has an AI feature that suggests songs to you as you mix them to further enhance your experience.

Another cool feature of Virtual DJ is that it supports mixing of video, audio and karaoke. It also supports stem separation and, unlike Rekordbox, does not require dedicated hardware equipment. This makes it compatible with more DJ hardware and controllers than most software on the market.

Virtual DJ is not only compatible with a wide range of PCs, it also boasts one of the lowest crash ratios in the software industry. This means that you don’t have to worry about losing your mixes while using this application.

Virtual DJ has multiple pricing tiers, but you don’t miss out on significant performance features by sticking to the free version. This makes it even more attractive for beginners and amateur DJ enthusiasts.

The fact that Virtual DJ is compatible with many different hardware brands is mostly considered a blessing. However, some professionals argue that this absence of dedicated hardware options means you’ll never be able to get the best experience.

As such, this same simplicity that appeals to beginners can also be seen as a breakthrough for more experienced DJs.

Download: (Free, subscription available)

3. Djay Pro

Djay Pro is a virtual DJ software created by Algoriddim specifically for Windows 10 devices. It differs from the DJ Pro AI version, also created by Algoriddim but intended for Apple devices.

As an amateur DJ, you will not encounter significant difficulties in using this application as it is considered to be ideal for mixing music at all levels, from beginner to professional.

Djay Pro contains standard DJ tools such as waveform layouts for the tracks on the deck, sound sampling, effects, automixing, and even the ability to mix up to four decks simultaneously.

Moreover, it will also manage your music library efficiently thanks to its top-notch library management functionality. This allows you to access songs from libraries, including iTunes, and even live streaming music from partner platforms.

It also integrates seamlessly with over 60 different MIDI controllers and other DJ hardware made by brands like Pioneer, Numark and Reloop.

Djay Pro also possesses less popular features, such as surface dial support and automatic mixing function. This feature allows you to add up to 8 cue points per track, set transitions to songs in advance and then add them to a playlist from where they will automatically play sequentially.

Download: Djay Pro (subscription required, free trial available)

4. Mix

Mixx is a community driven open source DJ software application that is completely free, unlike most major DJ software. As it is community driven, you don’t have to worry about support for your system being dropped with this software.

One of the main attractions of Mixx is that it integrates seamlessly with controllers and other DJ hardware. This is one aspect of virtual DJing that even paid DJ software brands struggle with.

It also has industry standard features like support for multiple audio file types, vinyl control, up to four decks, and music key detection.

Due to its open source nature, it is not updated frequently. As a result, you may encounter compatibility issues when paired with newer hardware.

Therefore, you should test new hardware beforehand to make sure you are experiencing mixing problems. This makes it more suitable for amateur mixing enthusiasts and for use in small or intimate gatherings.

Download: Mixx (free)

5. Serato DJ Pro

Serato DJ Pro is feature-rich and has an industry-leading feature set, such as the largest FX gallery, extensive add-on systems, and streaming capabilities. It currently supports Windows 10 and its previous version is still available for systems running Windows 7.

One of the reasons it’s such a popular choice is that it’s reliable and constantly evolving to match the latest trends in the DJ industry.

Unlike other DJ software, it supports over 90 hardware components, including over 50 different controllers and 17 mixers, each firmly integrated to prevent incompatibility issues. It also lets you record and save your mixes for repeat access.

The main limitation of Serato Pro is that it has limited functionality when paired with Pioneer hardware, such as CDJs.

Download: Serato DJ Pro (subscription required)

Choose the best DJ software for your needs

After considering what sets each software application apart, you should remember not to select based on just one feature, such as price.

Remember to consider this attribute along with other characteristics such as your skill level, the ease of use of the software and its compatibility with your PC. As a result, all of these features will make up your DJing experience and help you make a more informed decision.

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