Bo Nickal isn’t buying the hype around Khamzat Chimaev: “Everyone thinks he’s untouchable and I know he’s not”

Bo Nickal has only three fights in his career as a professional fighter and has already become one of the most talked about athletes on the entire UFC roster.

Part of that comes from his pedigree as a three-time NCAA champion wrestler, and then there are the jaw-dropping statistics, having wiped out his top three opponents in under three minutes of total time in the cage. But there is also Nickal’s unwavering confidence in himself.

Even now, with zero UFC experience, Nickal is confident he can take out a prominent contender like Khamzat Chimaev. In fact, Nickal has already eliminated Chimaev after his second UFC win Contenders seriesand he won’t back down from that challenge, even though the fight may not happen anytime soon.

“I just think, first of all, this guy is talking about being ready to go all the time, he’s a gangster, this and that – bro, you can’t even beat the ladder,” Nickal said on MMA time. “What are you doing? This is just a guy who has no responsibility and doesn’t treat the sport professionally. That makes me a lot less nervous about fighting him in the future, because we’ll fight. I know he’s not as committed as I am. He’s not willing to fight with him in the future. do the things I’m willing to do.

“Yes, he has talent. Yes, she has skills. But if that’s how you approach the sport, if that’s how you treat it, we’re on different levels. People are going to act like I’m talking like crazy because I say I’m ready to go – Chimaev, let’s get it – but the reality is this guy won three national titles in Sweden and then got into MMA and has 10 fights. I’ve been racing since I was 5 [years old]. I’ve had over 120 NCAA wrestling matches. I won a U23 World Cup. I come with 10 times the experience you have. So when people say, ‘You’re not ready, stay in your lane’, you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, so you’ll see what happens once we get into the cage. “

Immediately after Nickal called, Chimaev applauded saying, “Who is that guy?” But the former Penn State star believes it was just Chimaev’s way of avoiding a potential confrontation.

Of course, Nickal acknowledges that he likely won’t be luring Chimaev as an opponent anytime soon, but he still expects them to cross over, especially given the career trajectories he expects both of them to have in the UFC.

“He knows exactly who I am,” Nickal said. “The only reason he says things is because he doesn’t want that fight. He’ll try to act like he doesn’t know me, this and that. You’ll know me. Because at the end of the day, I’ll keep winning, I hope you keep winning and there we’ll match. I’m down. Let’s go get it.

“I don’t really see many people who are able to deal with his pressure and who will be able to take him out. i am the boy. I’m excited about this opportunity because everyone thinks it’s untouchable and I know it’s not. “

If the fight took place in the foreseeable future, Nickal isn’t worried about his lack of UFC experience compared to Chimaev.

The prospective 26-year-old client truly believes he is ready for the best of the best in the world right now, which is why he’s not holding back on anyone as he still realistically begins his fighting career.

“What will he do to me?” Nickal said turning to Chimaev. “Will it bring me down? no. Will he submit me? no. Does he have a chance to knock me out? I guess, yes, there’s a chance it’ll knock me out. But in reality, what will most likely happen is that I will drag him to the ground, do exactly what he does to all these attackers and do it to him.

“Because I’m a real grappler, I come from real wrestling. The exact thing he’s doing to guys like Kevin Holland and Li [Jingliang]this is what I will do to him ”.

In no time at all, Chimaev has already become a star for the UFC, while Nickal may be one of the most talked about potential clients to sign with the promotion in several years. If they both continue to win, Nickal expects a future bout with Chimaev to do big business for the UFC, perhaps even the number of numbers that only Conor McGregor has seen in the octagon.

“I hope it’s the biggest fight in the history of the sport,” said Nickal. “I hope it is, because that’s where I see myself and what excites me the most. That’s why I get up every day and train as hard as I do and it takes hours that other people aren’t willing to do.

“By the time that fight is announced and he signs on the dotted line, he will have eight weeks to train but it will already be too late. Because I’ve been training since I was 5 and I’m ready for it ”.

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