ByteBrew raises $4 million for mobile game development platform

Brothers Cameron and Kian Hozouri were budding mobile game developers with their own studio, working with major publishers and learning how to get their games to market when they came across a problem they needed to solve.

Kian Hozouri
Co-founder and COO

“When it came time to launch our titles, we had this huge roadblock to growth,” Kian said. “To effectively scale a game, we had to use six to eight platforms, each specializing in something different.”

At several publishers they worked with, the brothers needed different subscriptions for analytics tools, distribution measurements, live operating systems to provide remote testing for users, progression platforms to track player journeys, and monetization system to track in-app purchases and in-game advertising revenue, among others.

“Each of these platforms are all individual integrations, all with individual monthly fees, and those costs don’t go down as user numbers increase,” Kian said, adding that those costs were prohibitively expensive to generate meaningful revenue. “So, we had this head-scratching moment of, ‘Hey, what are we going to do about this?'”

The answer the Houzori brothers have come up with is ByteBrew, an all-in-one mobile game analytics platform that provides developers with everything they need to grow their gaming business.

Fast user adoption

The brothers built the platform and then launched ByteBrew in the summer of 2021 with the goal of attracting 50 developers using the platform by the end of the year, what the brothers saw as a good measure of marketability to test the platform. interest in the integrated platform.

“And instead of 50 developers, we had over 2,500 subscribers to the platform,” Kian said. “We currently have more than 5,000 developers using the platform, including some of the biggest app store players using it with their editorial and marketing teams.”

The ByteBrew platform has also expanded beyond mobile games to include any mobile app.

“When we started, we were geared towards games, but what happened was when we started engaging game developers, they started telling their app developer friends. We were soon getting a ton of requests from developers to start supporting more platforms in mobile,” Kian said, adding that ByteBrew has recently built new software development kits for mobile app development languages ​​like Flutter, Swift, and React Native.

Kian said the potential market for mobile app developers to adopt ByeBrew is in the millions. The Google Play app store alone has more than 250,000 registered developers.

“There’s a very large market of people who are constantly making new games,” he said.

Round seed

To capitalize on the platform’s faster-than-expected success and the potential market it still faces, ByteBrew made it official this year and became an authorized company with Cameron as CEO and Kian as chief operating officer.

The startup that set out to revolutionize the mobile app development industry has already started attracting investors. In late October, ByteBrew raised $4 million in a seed round led by Denver-based Konvoy. Other participants in the round include venture capital firm Valhalla Ventures, venture capital fund Node Ventures and other angel investors.

The funding will be used to further develop new technologies for developers and expand the team.

Taylor Hurst

“It’s amazing to see what Cameron and Kian have achieved since launching ByteBrew. They have changed the way mobile game developers work, allowing them to easily analyze the usability of their games in real-time and giving them the ability to scale new ideas faster than before,” said the director of Konvoy Taylor Hurst who will join The ByteBrew Message Board.”It’s exciting to think about what ByteBrew can achieve with a larger team behind it and how it will inevitably become an industry leader in vertical mobile game analytics in the years to come” .

One of ByteBrew’s goals as it grows is to further develop and implement a monetization plan for the currently free platform. Kian said that he and his brother would like to keep the platform free so that future app developers don’t have to incur the expenses they incurred when they started, although future products on the platform that help developers grow further will be monetized.

“We created ByteBrew to redefine what is considered the industry standard for game developers, so developers can stop paying for expensive services with complex integrations that leave their data isolated across multiple segmented platforms,” he said. “ByteBrew removes the barriers to growth developers face by providing all the tools and services they need to reach the top of the league in one platform.”


Foundation: 2021
CEO: Cameron Hozouri
Location: San Diego
Business: All-in-one mobile game analytics platform for developers
Employees: 2
Remarkable: ByteBrew is the world’s most powerful all-in-one game analysis platform

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