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What are we thankful for this year? Yes, this is intentionally lighthearted, there’s enough seriousness in this world and we don’t need extra stress on the eve of Thanksgiving

  1. This work
  2. The Bengals make it to the Super Bowl, so the last 30 years haven’t been that painful
  3. My recliner in the basement
  4. My wife for being willing to handle things like booking the 10 year old to attend student council tree decorating events
  5. Golf course beers with the boys; There’s just something about the simplicity and calmness of it all
  6. $200 OLED TVs
  7. Sat on the patio listening to the birds chirping and not hearing the kids fighting over the light switch
  8. Joe Butter
  9. YachtRock
  10. Being able to put both cars in the garage
  11. My friend Diesel who started an unsubscribe party via our text group; Since that night, I’ve saved up to $90 a month by cutting subscriptions and figuring out how to lower my Verizon bill without disrupting services; I forgot about so many subscriptions from my previous internet life before OutKick…so much time for $19 podcasting technology I haven’t used in over two years
  12. More city road trips; Fentanyl has nothing to do with putting together a roadie with multiple cities to experience as if you were a roadie for Van Halen
  13. Make it through a year of random circle sessions on the driveway without blowing an ACL
  14. Finally on the way to meet the Screencaps readers; Put in Bay, Birmingham and Pittsburgh were big moments; More cities are on the list in 2023
  15. Florida
  16. Mike T. and Cindy T.’s travel reports and the sight of a TNML sticker on Mike’s Euro rental car
  17. Dive Bar in Northern Michigan; I got to experience some outstanding places this year, including the Swmp II in Frederic, MI
  18. Experienced waitresses with smiles on their faces…this country needs a Miss Waitress USA pageant…we must love the greats
  19. Those Thursday night streaks as the sun is setting and my cardinals are starting to come home after a long day looking for things to eat
  20. SeanJo for compiling Sunday Screencaps; At this time last year I was working 6-7 days a week and long hours; Thanks to Fox News Corp. and Gary Schreier for hiring talented people to take OutKick to the next level

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John in PA wanted ideas for one-of-a-kind American experiences to offer his daughters as Christmas gifts and screencaps ramped up

Now, keep in mind that John in Pennsylvania has daughters ages 15, 18, and 22.

• Chris in Nebraska writes:

I saw John’s email. What about the big Wiffle ball tournament in Wren, Ohio?

Also, shameless plug for the Pella, IA tulip festival. Pella is a small town in central Iowa that has a lot of really great Dutch flavors.

Finally, to connect my local state, the College World Series… while it’s not exactly off the beaten path anymore, it’s an amazing, amazing event.

• Brandon in Pinckney, MI writes:

3 day weekend in Traverse City, MI during the winter. There is a ski hill with a roped tubing hill just outside downtown (Timberlee Hills), he can find a fancy spa hotel at the Grand Traverse Resort or go to AirBnB/boutique hotels right downtown, take his girls to shopping in downtown TC at all the boutiques, takes a winter wine tour with her oldest daughter on the peninsula, and there are a couple of guided snowmobile tour operators in town that do half-day and full-day tours.

Her girls are old enough to drive their own or go tandem (Blue Sky Snowmobile Rental). Plenty of upscale restaurants and dive bars, including a couple of arcade restaurant bars in the downtown district. And it can get there by car or plane (TC has a pretty nice airport with decent connections for a small city).

• Ken S. in South Carolina writes:

A truly fun and distinctive American trip for John to PA and his daughters could be the Texas Hill Country. Lots of good music, fabulous food, friendly people and beautiful countryside.

Fly into San Antonio, then travel the short distance to Gruene and enjoy some live music. If you time it right, you can head north from there and enjoy an evening of dancing and live music at Anhalt Dance Hall, or Kendalia. After that, head to Luckenbach for the music and atmosphere. Stay in Fredericksburg, to see the Pacific War Museum, and visit Wildseed Farms for stunning floral plantings. Also many breweries and wineries in the region.

Of course, make sure you get some of the wonderful Tex-Mex food, don’t skip the BBQ and amazing bakeries. It would be an unforgettable vacation.

• Lynn M. writes:

If John wants something unique, Toad Suck Daze in Toad Suck, Arkansas will be May 5-7, 2023

• Kile K. writes:

I’ll keep it short and sweet. Might still not be great since only one of his girls is of drinking age but, Oktoberfest in Helen, GA ticks the unique experience requirement to a T. Haven’t been going in over a decade but it was great. It looks like a time warp. Small town Americana at its best. I plan to bring my daughter when she is older because her name is Helen and what child wouldn’t think that visiting a city with your name isn’t fantastic?

I’m lazy, so you or other readers can search to find the content you need. Happy Thanksgiving.

• John W. in PA also thinks Savannah Bananas is a pure and smart American experience of 2023:

Not sure where the other John is in PA but the Bananas are playing right across the river from me in August


We keep the suggestions coming. One of you will dive into bourbon today and come up with the perfect trip idea for John and his daughters.


Ideas for improvement of screenshots

• Bill H. checks in with a tip:

How about putting your email replies in a different color? Maybe not biblical red, definitely not white, but not black either. – most Ohio state colors.

Take John’s first letter today (sounds biblical), where does his letter end and your comment begin? It’s in there.

I see your answer in black (AC/DC) – Other work? Raise yours! Happy Thanksgiving.

Everyone, keep your family civil during Thanksgiving dinners, but also don’t get stuffing from righteous indignant punks…. And wave your American flag!


Does this help Bill?

It’s like Jess in Alabama attacking me for my organizational skills! OutKick management doesn’t have to tell me anything about my performance because these two have you covered! These two have given me more constructive criticism than Clay Travis has done in the 2 1/2 years since he took me on the ship.

Seriously, thank you both for trying to make this experience better for all involved.

Speaking of Bill H.

• Bill H. writes:

Cleveland not in your backyard? Why is turf tackled on Tuesday?

TNML still fits.

Tuesday night Lawn maintenance.

Sic em, Joe.


Bill, I’m a boy. I’m trying to run a mowing league. It’s like trying to run this country as a huge political figure. In fact, Bill, I do more work running a mowing league than the politicians running a country of 320 million citizens and non-citizens.

Dry brine recipe for your turkey

• Mike B. writes:

A while back you shared a poster from an email regarding a dry rub for turkey. Is there any chance that you have archived it and can share it again?


The great Tara P. in Ringgold, GA has you covered.

The secret or least secret to a tasty turkey is the very important step of brining your bird before smoking/roasting/frying it. In the case of smoking, I’d say it’s best to dry it in brine. You could make a wet brine, but it requires pans/pots large enough to soak the bird. I have never let my family down using this method. No more poaching turkey in giblet gravy unless you like it. This method of turkey delivers flavor and juice! I came across this recipe for a dry pickle in a Southern Living magazine a couple of years ago and I’ve been following a T won’t fail. However, you may need to adjust the cooking time based on the size of your bird and the type of smoker you have. We use an Orion Smoker.

Dry Rub Recipe;

Cooking instructions:


What is one unique thing about your home?

Speaking of subscriptions… this might go too far

And this is all. Thanksgiving Eve Screencaps is in the books.

There will be a Thanksgiving edition of Screencaps and I hope to include your “gratitude” emails. Have fun with them.

I wish you a good day. Stay safe on the roads where people will look at their phones and have a great vacation.


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