Download, add or save the FiFa World Cup 2022 Mac, iPhone calendar

Last updated November 21, 2022

Don’t miss the match and check the schedule and match matches today and every day in your calendar; you can also create event reminders for your favorite game on a specific day. Save the complete 2022 FIFA World Cup calendar to your iPhone calendar or Google Calendar on your iPhone, iPad and Mac. The 2022 FIFA World Cup calendar helps you get start times for your time zone. Set the correct date and time and easily get an alert on your iOS device.

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Today is Match: Go to Quick Source a watch FIFA World Cup 2022 live stream on iPhone/iPad/Mac.

Add and save your FIFA World Cup 2022 calendar in iOS (iPhone/iPad) or in Google Calendar

Save the 2022 FIFA World Cup calendar on Mac

1: Open this article on Safari Browser.

2: Click this link, tap subscribe button. or Copy the link and manually add it to your Mac calendar (Open Calendar App on Mac > From the top menu File > New Calendar Subscription > Paste the .ics link > Add), that’s all.


3: Also keep selected Calendar added from the left panel of the Calendar app. See the time and duration of the next FIFA match.


Check the FIFA World Cup 2022 schedule has been added or not; Checkout manually using the steps below.


Now open the Calendar application on your iOS device; touch November 20, 2022.

FIFA will start on November 20, 2022, tap the date and see the events, holidays and the match on that day.

Save the 2022 FIFA World Cup calendar to iPhone

Subscribed calendars can be viewed on Apple Watch, Mac, and iPad when signed in with the same Apple ID.

iOS 14 and later versions of iOS:

Open this webpage on the iPhone Safari browser, click the “Subscribed Calendar” link, and your iPhone will see the Add everything Option in the upper right corner of the screen. If you don’t receive, please try the manual method.


Add Calendar and Name > Done to save to the iPhone’s Calendar app.



1→ Go to “Settingsapps on your iPhone.

2→ Scroll and find “Calendar” > “accounts”.

3→ “Add accounts” > “Other” > “Add subscribed calendar“.

Copy the link and paste it into the ICS textbox path. Touch Done to save the changes and add them to your iPhone calendar.

Open the Calendar application on your iPhone. and see the event All FIFA matches with date and time.

Install FIFA World Cup 2022 Calendar on Mac

Open this link and the .cal files auto opens the Calendar app supported on Mac and Windows. Tap on Install.

All dates will be automatically saved in the Calendar app.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Google Calendar on iPhone/iPad

Go to the web calendar; see the Add a friend’s calendar option in the sidebar. Tap New calendar. Copy this link (force tap on a link or right click and copy the link).

Paste address URL > Continue.

Under other calendars, see “World Cup 2022

Now force close the Google Calendar app on your iPhone and reopen it. Swipe from left to right on the screen; see an option for the 2022 World Cup tab under Other Fixtures.

Having trouble installing the FIFA World Cup 2022 timetable and schedule?

Keep FIFA World Cup 2022 app installed and get updates on daily news updates, match points, winning match and import last match video highlights.

Fifa Apps: iPhone | Android

Download the PDF of the matches of the World Cup 2022

Copy and open the link below in your new tab and see the download PDF option on your Mac iPhone file app or your Mac and Android device.


Hope you have found a useful source for installing FIFA World Cup 2022 Calendar on iPhone/iPad/Mac or computer.

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