“He Knows I Want Him Here”

“When we play like [how we did in Minnesota] and you’re able to add a talent like Odell, which can be special,” Prescott said Tuesday after practice. “That creates more weapons not just for me, but for the offense [as a whole] and for the game caller. That’s more things to worry about for defense.

“We’re letting him in [for a visit] and hopefully things are going great in the recruiting process.”

Beckham has reportedly narrowed down his list of attractive venues to the Cowboys and the Giants, with visits scheduled with both after the Thanksgiving game concludes — one you could reasonably call “The Beckham Bowl” at this point — with others like the Bills probably still in play as a potential touchdown spot.

But, for the Cowboys, it’s about not letting him leave the building once he arrives.

“He knows how much I want him here,” Prescott said. “And a lot of the guys in this dressing room have reached out on their own in different ways, to make sure he understands that this is a team he can help. And we want him to come and help.”

The “boys” Prescott refers to include CeeDee Lamb, Michael Gallup, DeMarcus Lawrence, Micah Parsons and others, along with owner and general manager Jerry Jones walking hand in hand with executive vice president and director of player personnel Stephen Jones, with Elder Jones also providing briefing Tuesday on the situation with Beckham.

“I don’t want to get into the negotiation,” Jones told 105.3FM the Fan. “Frankly we’re not. All of these situations allow us to have a deal here. Otherwise, if I didn’t have any of these situations, he wouldn’t be available.”

And as for the Beckham bout, whatever his offer, it seems the Joneses are as willing to loosen the purse strings on the former first-round pick as they were when they traded and subsequently extended another first before choice. round pick, i.e. Amari Cooper, in 2018.

“Again, everything is relative,” Jones said. “We went out with [Amari] Cooper. We broke that arc you talk about there with Cooper. We are happy to do it and happy to have it. [To a] to a large extent, it worked.”

That said, it’s still an equation that needs to be resolved by everyone involved, including Beckham.

“So, you just have to pick your poison so to speak,” Jones explained. “Everything – it’s oo – when you look at one player and the more you spend on one player, you can get to where it’s two players or three players. It’s financial, but it really isn’t. At the end of the day it’s ability, athletic ability, the willingness to pay one player as much or pay two players less.

“There’s more than one way to measure it. So, it’s all relative. The main thing is that everyone would agree with [the thought that] If you can improve this team right now and it’s reasonable, then you should. We have a chance.”

Yes, they do and will continue to do so unless Beckham signs elsewhere – something Prescott doesn’t want to see happen as they attempt to go 8-3 on the season with a chance to chase down the Philadelphia Eagles and finally turn the corner in the playoffs to a potential Super Bowl run.

That’s why he personally contacted Beckham himself.

“Yeah, I did, sure,” Prescott said. “…I’ve definitely sent a few messages. There’s been a bit of back and forth, just to make sure he understands we want him here.… I don’t necessarily know what he’s looking for when it comes to numbers and the long term and everything else, but I know we want him here and I hope it all works out.”

And, for those wondering, yes, interest has obviously gone both ways.

“Mutual. Honestly, it’s mutual,” the Cowboys quarterback noted. “That’s why I said it’s about business. It’s more than just someone’s feeling of wanting to be somewhere. I understand that’s going to come into it, but I feel like it’s mutual.”

For his part, Beckham is watching everything the Cowboys do, including their storming into US Bank Stadium to humiliate the 8-1 Vikings in Minneapolis.

“They went [crazy] today,” Beckham tweeted minutes after the game.

And the Cowboys are watching him just as closely.

“They certainly did,” Lawrence replied. “Make the right decision.”

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