Microsoft’s Windows Phone Revenge: Building a Competing Mobile App and Game Store

With Windows Phone woefully confined to the history books, Microsoft’s mobility efforts live on in Surface tablets, mobile apps and their range of Android phones in the form of the Surface Duo 2. However, without a third option in the mobile space, iOS and Google have been able to preside over a nefarious duopoly that actively stifles competition, driving up prices for developers and consumers alike.

Longtime readers of Windows Central will no doubt remember how tirelessly Google worked to undermine and stifle the Windows Phone platform. Google has arbitrarily restricted access to its APIs, preventing Microsoft and third-party developers from building Windows Phone versions of its apps. Microsoft famously co-created a YouTube client with Google, until the company accidentally decided that Microsoft’s YouTube app was “violating” its API rules, leading to native YouTube access effectively terminating on Windows Phone. This anti-competitive behavior in bad faith is not below Google (e.g. no ARM version of Chrome browser for Windows 11), as we all know, and they resisted billion fines all over the world for this type of practice. However, they have managed to contribute to the death of Windows Phone, effectively cementing their monopoly on budget smartphones for now and for the foreseeable future.

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