Quantum Space, US Space Force talks commercial in-orbit operations at TC Sessions: Space

Gone are the days when outer space was the sole province of government and defense. Now, we’re in a period often referred to as the “New Space,” where commercial initiatives are leading the way in creating new markets and use cases for space.

But as the past five years have vividly illustrated, government and defense have come to play a critical role in funding and shaping this new market environment. Whether it’s NASA funding commercial space station initiatives or the US Space Force (USSF) funding new satellite technologies, it’s clear that public-private partnerships are an integral part of the space industry.

That’s why we’re thrilled that Steve Jurczyk, CEO of Quantum Space, and Colonel Joseph Roth, USSF officer, will join us on stage for a panel discussion at the TC Sessions: Space on December 6 in Los Angeles.

In a session titled “Building Commercial Operations in Orbit,” we’ll hear from speakers how private companies can work with defense and government partners to create positive-sum relationships.

We’ll also hear their thoughts on how startups can overcome bureaucratic hurdles and ensure they’re providing customers, like NASA, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), or the USSF, with exactly what they need. How are public-private partnerships organized and how can startups and commercial ventures use them to pave the way for a profitable business case?

Be in the room for what promises to be a fascinating and informative conversation.

Steve Jurczyk co-founded Quantum Space, an infrastructure and services company aimed at revolutionizing the way satellites operate and travel in space beyond Earth’s orbit, in 2021 and currently serves as its CEO.

Prior to Quantum, Jurczyk held a variety of leadership roles at NASA, which he joined in 1988, including associate administrator, the agency’s highest-ranking government official, and associate administrator of the Space Technology Mission Directorate.

In this position, he formulated and executed the agency’s space technology programs, focusing on developing and demonstrating transformative technologies for human and robotic exploration of the solar system in collaboration with industry and academia.

Previously, he was director of NASA Langley Research Center, where he directed NASA’s first Field Center, which plays a vital role in the agency’s aeronautical research, exploration and science missions.

Jurczyk received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Virginia. He is an associate fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Colonel Joseph J. Roth serves as Director, Innovation and Prototyping Delta Acquisition and Commander, Space Systems Center, Detachment 1, Kirtland Air Force Base, NM Roth leads a combined team of more than 740 military, government civilians and contractors in four geographically separated units and manages a $3.8 billion portfolio to rapidly transition and deliver war-winning space concepts, technologies and capabilities to the United States Space Force and mission partners throughout the national security space community.

The Innovation and Prototyping Directorate conducts testing and experimentation, prototyping, demonstrations, and operations of innovative space systems and technologies for the Space Systems Center. The Directorate also executes the Space Test Program on behalf of the Department of Defense.

Colonel Roth has served in a variety of positions in the Air Force and Department of Defense. He served as commander of the Minuteman III ICBM combat crew; a procurement program manager at the National Reconnaissance Office; a branch chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Headquarters Air Force; an executive officer at Air Force Materiel Command Headquarters and commander of the 333d Recruiting Squadron.

TC Sessions: Space takes place on December 6 in Los Angeles. Buy your pass today, join us to learn about the latest trends in the space economy, see cutting edge technology and network for opportunities to help you build a better and stronger startup.

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