Black Friday Cheat Sheet: How to get the best deals possible

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The Black Friday deals are already upon us, with huge savings to take advantage of, Objective, walmart and other resellers. Here at CNET, we’ve rounded up the deals available so far, and we’re rounding up some of our best links and tips here to kick-start your shopping experience.

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We’ll walk you through several easy ways to get the most out of Black Friday, from budget advice to researching Black Friday ads. Once you’re in the loop on all things Black Friday, be sure to check out these easy ways to save on shipping, how to send christmas gifts through amazon and our guide to Thanksgiving store hours.

But before we get to that, let’s pre-load the bevy of deals and purchase options that are already available.

Where to start: the best Black Friday deals

The best Black Friday deals so far: Your first destination for the latest and greatest deals we’ve found so far.

Black Friday deals live blog: This story is being updated periodically for now, but we’ll kick it up a notch as we get closer to Thanksgiving.

The best Black Friday deals under $25: We round up the best options under $25. Check back later for the best deals under $50 and $100.

Join our sms group: Get the best Black Friday deals straight to your phone as you build up and throughout the event.

The best Black Friday deals by store

Do you have a favorite shop? We’ve got plenty of store-specific business summaries to get you started.

Other Amazon tips and offers:

The best Black Friday deals by topic

We’re actively updating our “evergreen” deal stories to feature the latest and greatest early Black Friday deals.

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  • The best 3D printer deals – great printers at great prices
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  • The best Early Black Friday Apple Watch deals: Save $50 on Series 8, up to $160 on Series 7
  • The best offers and bundles for Nintendo Switch
  • Best MacBook Deals: Save $150 on M2 MacBook Air, $200 on M2 MacBook Pro, and more
  • The best deals on air fryers right now
  • Best Keurig Deals: Save $50 on K-Classic, $40 on K-Mini & More
  • The best Black Friday robot vacuum deals – save hundreds on Roomba, Roborock, Eufy and more
  • The best Black Friday smart thermostat deals: Emerson, Google Nest, Ecobee and more
  • Best Black Friday mattress deals – Big savings on Casper, Helix, Purple & more
  • Black Friday Fitness Deals: Save on Peloton, Apple Watch, Garmin, Nike and more
  • The best Black Friday deals on adjustable dumbbells: Bowflex, PowerBlock, Jaxjox and more

Understood everything? Good. Now let’s talk about some general Black Friday shopping tips.

Set a budget and put money aside

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or picking up gifts for friends and family, the holiday shopping season seems to come so fast every year. Therefore, it is advisable to budget for the whole year so as not to burden the last salaries of the year so heavily.

With many Black Friday sales already starting (see above) and a general state of economic hardship (such as the thousands of layoffs in the technology sector and elsewhere), you need to be more judicious than ever about spending limits. It’s a good idea to set a maximum you’re willing to spend across the board and then track your spending throughout the event. It’s easy to get swept up in excitement when deals go live and not pay enough attention to how much you’re spending, but self-responsibility will be key to avoiding massive overspending.

Decide what you want to buy and check the prices right away

While many Black Friday purchases are impulse-driven, a more effective way to shop is to try to identify purchasing goals ahead of time and build a list. There are a few reasons this is a better approach. Firstly, you can now evaluate prices, which helps you with your budget and savings goals. Doing the research now also helps you figure out what’s actually a good deal worth buying at the event, or if a “discounted” price isn’t too far off a product’s normal going rate.

During the Black Friday sale, you can also process the list you’ve created to get everything you need in an organized way, doing your best to avoid wasting money on impulse buys.

Review as many Black Friday ads as possible before the event

Part of your pre-event research should involve checking just as many Black Friday Ads Crawl if you can. Not only is this the best way to get a glimpse of upcoming deals at the event, but you’ll also be able to budget more effectively and shop more efficiently if you know where all the best prices are.

Shop now for early sales or plan for shipping delays

As mentioned beforehand, Black Friday sales don’t wait for Black Friday to kick off – many are already on! If you can lock in a low price now, it not only helps you spread the costs, but it could help you avoid a major delay in shipping, or avoid missing out on a deal altogether, later on. For the sake of a few dollars difference between now and Black Friday proper, it might be worth grabbing the stuff you need now. If you don’t need things urgently, it might be worth waiting a little longer.

Early Black Friday Sale:

Compare prices with the CNET Shopping extension

Is that Black Friday “deal” really a deal? Instead of looking up prices on Amazon’s retail competitors one by one, do it instantly with a price comparison extension for your web browser. There are several on the market, but CNET now has its own in-house extension: CNET Shopping (formerly known as PriceBlink). It works on a group of retailers and can show you the current best deal, price history for select items, retailer coupons that can help you increase your savings, and more.

The best part of it all? The extension is completely free. Try it now on Google Chrome.

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