Four Best Software Infrastructures to Buy Now in November

Today’s digital transformation requires companies to optimize spending on software infrastructure. Infrastructure Software as a Service (SAAS) is the fastest growing segment of cloud services. Companies can reduce capital expenditures and operational costs by moving from on-premises data centers to SAAS. This blog post lists the top four software infrastructure solutions you can buy today in November as part of your digital transformation process. Each of these software infrastructure solutions is ready for adoption today and offer broad benefits across many different business scenarios.

Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (Cloud IaaS)

Cloud infrastructure as a service (Cloud IaaS) is the most basic form of cloud computing. It allows organizations to rent out-of-the-box server, storage, database and networking software from vendors in a pay-as-you-go model. One of the biggest benefits of Cloud IaaS is that it helps businesses avoid capital expenditures on new hardware. With on-premise data centers, organizations have to purchase expensive equipment and software to support the growing needs of their employees and customers. However, cloud computing providers must reinvest revenues into infrastructure to keep up with demand. They supply their own hardware, which can be more scalable and efficient than what organizations can buy. On the downside, Cloud IaaS is not suitable for organizations that need to control their data. Cloud IaaS providers host data on their own hardware, which may be located in a different country or even a different hemisphere from the organization’s headquarters.

BPM software

Business process management (BPM) software allows organizations to automate and orchestrate business processes across the enterprise. It’s an excellent way to make existing employees more effective, as well as enable new employees to be more effective from day one. BPM software can help companies achieve their core business goals like improve customer experience, increase productivity, increase revenue, reduce costs, etc. BPM software can automate time-consuming manual tasks and provide real-time visibility into the state of these business processes. One of the best BPM software solutions is cloud-based BPM software. Cloud-based BPM software enables organizations to transform business processes without upfront capital investment. BPM is a very effective solution for large and medium-sized enterprises that want to modernize their business processes.

Data infrastructure as a service (IaaS data)

Data infrastructure as a service (Data IaaS) is a type of cloud computing that allows organizations to rent out-of-the-box data storage, networking software, and computing resources. It’s a scalable and cost-effective way for businesses to expand their data storage capacity without having to make additional capital investments in hardware. Data IaaS can help companies increase their use of data analytics by allowing them to store more information on a scalable and cost-effective platform. Data IaaS providers typically have better data security practices than enterprises alone. Data IaaS gives businesses the flexibility to store information, including unstructured data, in the most optimal way. Storage space can easily be expanded as needed to meet increased demand.

Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS)

Machine learning as a service (MLaaS) is a cloud computing model that gives companies access to out-of-the-box algorithms for data analysis. MLaaS is a cost-effective way for organizations to use advanced analytics without having to invest in the equipment, software and experts to build and manage the infrastructure. MLaaS providers have built data models and algorithms for different business scenarios. They often have data scientists scrutinizing the latest data trends to identify the most promising research and development fields. If you plan to use machine learning for your business, you should look for a vendor that offers MLaaS.

Big Data Platform as a Service (BDPAAS)

Big data platform as a service (BDPAAS) is a cloud computing platform designed for storing and managing unstructured data. It helps enterprises manage their data lakes through a single interface. BDPAAS can help businesses achieve key goals like making better decisions, improving customer experience, increasing revenue, etc. It allows companies to efficiently collect, store and analyze large amounts of data. BDPAAS providers offer out-of-the-box data lakes with pre-installed analytic tools such as SQL, Hadoop, NoSQL, and graph databases. Organizations looking to modernize their data management should consider BDPAAS.


The software infrastructure solutions listed above are the best choices in November. They offer broad benefits in many different business scenarios. If your organization wants to benefit from the cost savings that come with software infrastructure as a service, it’s time to make the switch. With the right software infrastructure solution, you can achieve a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness without having to make major changes to your business model.

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