How can lecanemab reach patients? Follow this reliable process

T.Press release released by pharmaceutical companies Eisai and Biogen on 7 September 27 could one day be remembered as the beginning of a revolution in the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s. Years and years of failed Alzheimer’s trials created, and then reinforced, doubts that drugs that attack amyloid, a brain protein linked to Alzheimer’s disease, … Read more

Energy experts sound the alarm about Europe’s energy crisis as a “clear and present warning” for America

Find out what is clicking FIRST ON FOX: A group of energy and environmental experts raises the alarm on US climate policy and points to the European crisis as an example of “blindly” abandoning energy security. In a letter Tuesday, the coalition of six experts urged Republican leaders in Congress: Senate Minority Leader Mitch … Read more

Walmart, CVS faces trial for putting dummy homeopathic products alongside real medicines

Pharmacy giants CVS and Walmart will face evidence on claims that placing ineffective homeopathic products alongside legitimate over-the-counter medicines on store shelves leads consumers to think pseudoscientific products are similar to Food and Drug Administration-approved drugs. . The claims come from the non-profit organization Center for Inquiry (CFI), which filed nearly identical lawsuits against CVS … Read more

American Express “Member Week” savings

American Express will soon be launching its second annual “Members Week” and there are many potential offers to be made. From October 10am to 2pm, personal and corporate American Express cardholders will be able to take advantage of a variety of unique experiences and offers, ranging from savings on travel and meals to access to … Read more

Britain’s fiscal retreat causes stocks and the pound to rebound

Britain eliminates a small part of the tax plan; lightened markets The Reserve Bank of Australia surprises with a small increase high VIX; The Credit Suisse stock slide points to the nerves below SYDNEY, Oct 4 (Reuters) – Asian equities rebounded Tuesday after Britain scrapped parts of a controversial tax cut plan, temporarily improving global … Read more

What are the best business hotels in Europe: London, Paris, Frankfurt

International travel can still have its challenges. But finding a solid hotel for a business trip isn’t one of them. CNBC Travel and the market data company Statista today release a ranking of “Best Hotels for Business Travelers” in Europe. This is the first ranking of its kind between CNBC and Statista, who also publish … Read more

Asian stocks rise after the “relief rally” on Wall Street

TOKYO (AP) – Asian equities rallied on Tuesday, encouraged by a rally in US equities after weak economic data raised hopes that the Federal Reserve could move away from aggressive interest rate hikes. Japan’s Nikkei 225 benchmark gained 2.3% in morning trading at 26,811.08. Australia’s S & P / ASX 200 was up 2.4% to … Read more