Is epilepsy genetic? Hereditary factors and more explained

Some types of seizures and epileptic syndromes result from genetic factors. These include genetic differences that occur after inheriting some genes from biological parents or from gene changes after birth. Seizures occur when the normal pattern of electrical activity in the brain becomes uncontrolled. Epileptic syndromes are a combination of certain types of seizures and … Read more

Scientists have sequenced the largest pangenoma in the world

BGI Genomics, in collaboration with Southwest University, the State Key Laboratory of Silkworm Genome Biology, and other partners, built a high-resolution pangenoma dataset that represents nearly the entire genomic content of a silkworm. This research paperwhich provides genetic insights into artificial selection (domestication and breeding) and ecological adaptation, was published on 24 September in Nature … Read more

Reactive oxygen species that play a key role in stem cell function

Mount Sinai scientists say they have published one of the first studies to demonstrate the importance of reactive oxygen species in maintaining stem cell function and preventing inflammation during wound repair. The team believes its findings could provide more information on the prevention and treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The researchers published their study … Read more

UFC president Dana White is 10 YEARS to live after the controversial DNA test

Scientists today have warned people against paying for controversial tests that claim to predict exactly how many years you have left to live. Dana White, president of the UFC mixed martial arts league, made headlines last week when she said he had only ten years left. He is one of the growing number of wealthy … Read more

NOTICE TO SHAREHOLDERS: Timothy L. Miles’ Law Offices Remind Investors of a lawsuit against Fulgent Genetics, Inc.

NOTICE TO SHAREHOLDERS: Timothy L. Miles’ Law Offices Notify Investors of a lawsuit against Fulgent Genetics, Inc. Timothy L. MIles, Nationally Recognized Personal Injury Attorney, Receives Pre-eminent AV 2022 Award Timothy L. Miles, a nationally recognized shareholder rights attorney Timothy L. Miles was named best lawyer in 2021 A class action lawsuit accuses Fulgent Genetics … Read more

Genetic testing creates treatment and confusion opportunities for breast cancer patients

The past decade has seen a rapid expansion of genetic testing, including new tools to inform patients diagnosed with breast cancer about the risk of recurrence and to guide their treatment. A quarter of a century ago, Myriad Genetics introduced the first breast cancer genetic test for BRCA mutations, two genes associated with a substantially … Read more