‘We have found a planet that shows us what the Earth will look like in five billion years’ | Scientific technology

Lisa Kaltenegger is an Austrian astrophysicist who wants to be the first person to find life on a planet beyond our solar system. In 1995, when Michel Mayor and Didider Queloz discovered the first exoplanet (planets outside the Solar System), she Kaltenegger had just started studying engineering and astrophysics at university. Nearly 30 years later, … Read more

Your smartphone is still ruining the planet, but there may be a more sustainable solution

The consumer technology industry has been slower than other industries in getting greener products into the hands of customers. The reasons behind this slow progression are numerous, layered and complicated, but the business case for green technology is finally getting better. “If you look at other industries, you actually see more sustainable behaviors and a … Read more

Can regenerative agriculture save the planet?

Credit: NowThis Credit: NowThis What is the connection between land management and a pair of worn underpants? Believe it or not, the answer is a healthier planet. It might sound odd, but burying a pair of 100% cotton underwear and digging it 60 days later can help determine how healthy the soil is in that … Read more

How Planet’s yield forecasting solution is helping farmers and economists anticipate this year’s harvest

Data analysis and visualization contributed by: Guyon Duifhuizen, Max Borrmann and Rob Simmon In this harvest season, the eyes of the world are looking forward to U.S. agricultural yield reports after fields around the world have been challenged by extreme weather, droughts, heatwaves and political turmoil. The United States is the world’s largest corn producer … Read more