UK bond market chaos disrupts Treasury debt auctions as volatility bleeds across borders

The chaos in the UK government bond market impacted global markets in several ways, but in the US it initially pushed Treasury bond yields up in solidarity, while increasing the cost at which the Treasury US has financed nearly $ 90 billion in debt. On Monday, an auction of $ 43 billion of 2-year Treasuries … Read more

The stock market could be on the verge of a “tradable” rebound, according to a key technical indicator

Approaching Monday’s close, US equities look poised for another tough week as Treasury yields rose and the dollar’s global rage continued. With the S&P 500 set to record its lowest close since November 2020 on Monday, market technicians have once again focused on the Cboe Volatility Index – along with a number of other technical … Read more

Don’t look for a downside in the stock market until a rising dollar cools. Here because.

It will be difficult for the stock market to stop its decline and find a bottom as long as the US dollar continues to rise relative to its rivals, according to market analysts. Global equities took a bruising week, with the S&P 500 on Friday narrowly avoiding its lowest close of the year. At the … Read more

US equities close lower, on track for a weekly loss, in the wake of Fed rate hike and Powell’s speech

US equities closed lower on Thursday after attempting to recoup losses on Wednesday as Treasury and dollar yields rose further after the Federal Reserve made a third huge interest rate hike and signaled that it will follow. other. what happened The industry average of the Dow Jones DJIA finished 107.10 points down, or 0.4%, at … Read more

The Dow Tumbled 500 Points Because Jerome Powell’s Fed “Won’t Blink”

Stock market investors took a while to make a decision, but when the closing bell rang Wednesday it was clear that they didn’t like what they had heard from the Federal Reserve and its chairman Jerome Powell. See: The Fed approves the third major interest rate hike and reports others before the end of the … Read more

Why stock market investors fear a full percentage point Fed rate hike could “unnerve” Wall Street

With US equities and bonds under pressure on Tuesday, some on Wall Street argue that investors are underestimating the possibility that the Fed could make a surprise 100bp hike in interest rates at the end of Wednesday’s two-day policy meeting. . While fed-funds futures traders are overwhelmingly predicting a 75 basis point increase, or 0.75 … Read more

Because rising Treasury yields are plaguing the stock market ahead of the Fed’s next rate hike

Yields are rising in the U.S. and around the world, driven by central banks’ imperative need to hold on to inflation, which is leaving the once perpetually popular trade that favors equities over other asset choices dead. now dead. That trade, known as TINA, which stands for “there is no alternative” to equities, has long … Read more

Equities end the session unstable with gains as investors await the Fed’s decision

US equities found support in the final hour of trading on Monday after swinging between gains and losses as investors braced for a Federal Reserve meeting that should deliver another big interest rate hike and shed further light. on the central bank’s plans for monetary policy. politics. what happened The industry average of the Dow … Read more

Can the Fed tame inflation without further squeezing the stock market? What are the prospects for investors.

The Federal Reserve isn’t looking to slam the stock market as it quickly raises interest rates in its attempt to slow still-searing inflation, but investors need to be prepared for more pain and volatility because policy makers won’t be intimidated by a sale. deeper and deeper, investors and strategists said. “I don’t think they’re necessarily … Read more

Dow closes nearly 200 points down as Treasury yields rise

US equities closed lower on Thursday with tech stocks leading the downside as bond yields rose further ahead of a likely hike in Federal Reserve interest rates next week. What happened? The Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, -0.56% closed 173.27 points down, down 0.6% to 30,961.82. The S&P 500 SPX, -1.13% it fell 44.66 points, … Read more