Prime Medicine spells out IPO plans for “word processor” or gene editing

Gene editing research is looking for more precise approaches, with the goal of avoiding off-target changes that cause problems in other parts of the genome. Prime Medicine aims to offer that precision along with the potential to address a wider range of genetic diseases. Biotechnology has yet to test this technology on patients, but it … Read more

These 20 stocks in the S&P skidded up to 21.5% during another brutal week for the market

Another tough week for US equities ended with a decline in stocks of oil producers and Ford Motor Co. plunging further on concerns over supply shortages. The S&P 500 SPX It fell 1.7% on Friday for a one-week drop of 4.6% as investors continued to worry about Federal Reserve interest rate hikes to moderate inflation. … Read more

Rejuvenate Bio CEO Highlights Ambitious Approach of Using Gene Therapy to Reverse Aging

Rejuvenate Bio is a gene therapy startup looking to reverse aging. In response to emailed questions, CEO and co-founder Daniel Oliver talked about how he and his co-founder started the company and their vision for treatment. age-related conditions. Why did you start this company? The idea was born in George Church’s laboratory at Harvard Medical … Read more

St. Louis Police Show Surveillance Video Of Officers Shooting Teenager | St. Louis Subway News | St. Louis

Click to enlarge The SLMPD released surveillance footage of a shooting involved by an agent after calls from activists and the NAACP. Metropolitan Police in Saint Louis today unveiled surveillance footage of a shooting earlier this week. Two officers shot and killed a 16-year-old boy outside a gas station in the Old North neighborhood of … Read more

Opinion: Gloom throws a curtain on the stock market. Financial experts say these are the ways you can stay invested.

In Netflix’s new documentary “Get Smart With Money,” financial advisor Shareef “Ross Mac” McDonald tries to persuade a struggling NFL player, Teez Tabor, to invest in the stock market. “The easiest way to be a player in the game is to put your money into the S&P 500 SPX, + 0.48%, because on average it … Read more

Transparency of laboratory testing will improve patient care and reduce costs

The need for understandable and transparent pricing for medical services in the United States has increased urgently with the continued rise in out-of-pocket healthcare costs. Americans are delaying health care because they are unsure of the cost or cannot afford it. A recent Willis Tower Watson (WTW) survey of 9,600 U.S. workers showed that 4 … Read more

UW Doctor Resigns As Head of Orthopedics After Surgical Center Proposal Was Rejected | Local news

David Wahlberg | Wisconsin state newspaper The longtime head of UW-Madison’s orthopedics department, whose payments from a medical device manufacturer have been the focus of federal investigations and spurred greater oversight of conflicts of interest, stepped down as president after that his boss has denied his plan to start a surgery center largely owned by … Read more

Robinhood users buy and own companies “they know, understand and believe in for the long term.” Here are their favorite titles.

Tech companies, EV makers, and some meme stocks are part of the aggregate mix of stocks within Robinhood’s user portfolios, according to a new brokerage app index aimed at new investors. These are titles like Amazon AMZN, + 2.66%, Microsoft MSFT, + 2.30%, Tesla TSLA, + 3.60%, Apple AAPL, + 1.88%, Ford Motor Company F, … Read more

I’m not kidding: goats beat sea buckthorn for the first time in the Brule River State Forest

What connection could exist between the pop icons of the 90s and Wisconsin’s efforts to control invasive species? The answer? goats. Jake Reina Williams and his wife Brigid named their goats in honor of celebrities Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, along with Britney Spears, but these goats aren’t fishing for the limelight. Instead, they are … Read more

Nvidia’s “Chinese Syndrome”: Is the title melting?

Like the nuclear reactor in the 1979 film “The China Syndrome”, Nvidia Corp.’s share price and sales forecast have plummeted and the ban on the sale of artificial intelligence chips to China is the latest to rise. the temperature. Nvidia NVDA, -7.67% Shares hit a new 52-week low on Thursday, dipping as much as 12% … Read more