Australia aims for zero extinction with a promise to conserve the land | Environment news

The government says it will aim to conserve 30 percent of Australia’s land mass in an effort to protect its unique wildlife. Australia has set a zero extinction target for its unique plants and animals, promising to preserve at least 30% of its land amidst severe pressures on the country’s environment. Presenting the Action Plan … Read more

Neglected underground coal fires threaten lives of Zimbabweans | Environment news

Hwange, Zimbabwe – Ten-year-old Simba Mulezu was driving cattle home from his mother’s wheat fields when the ground gave way under his feet, causing him to plummet into coal underground. The accident left him with permanently deformed limbs. “I spent several months in the hospital and the Hwange Colliery Company didn’t help me with hospital … Read more

Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda talks about skepticism about electric vehicles, “happy dance”, his legacy

Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda speaks during a small media roundtable on Sept. 2. Las Vegas 29, 2022. Toyota LAS VEGAS – Akio Toyoda, CEO of Toyota Motor, just said last week what he would like his legacy to be: “I love cars.” Just as the 66-year-old car enthusiast and scion of the company will be … Read more

Fossil fuel production can emit more methane than expected

A gas torch at the Shell Chemical LP oil refinery in Norco, Louisiana.Photo: Drew Angerer (Getty Images) The oil and gas industry may seriously underestimate its greenhouse gas emissions. One technique used to burn methane during production could be to eliminate fewer greenhouse gases than previously thought, a new study finds, which could mean flaring … Read more

“Dark data” is killing the planet: we need digital decarbonisation

In 2020, digitization would have generated 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions. In 2020, digitization would have generated 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions. More than half of the digital data generated by companies is collected, processed and stored for single use purposes. Often it is never reused. It could be your multiple nearly identical … Read more

Is the future of energy sitting underneath this small Utah town?

This story is part of The Salt Lake Tribune’s ongoing effort to identify solutions to Utah’s greatest challenges through the work of the Innovation Lab. [Subscribe to our newsletter here] The solution could be under our feet. There is something deceptively simple about geothermal energy. The force of gravity of the crushing compacts the earth … Read more

The Water-Lakes-on-Mars debate just got more interesting

This image taken by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter shows the ice caps at the south pole of Mars. Image: NASA / JPL-Caltech / University of Arizona / JHU Scientists have been debating ambiguous radar scans of Mars’ south pole for years. Do they reveal underground lakes of liquid water? Or something else? Two new newspapers … Read more

The CIA wants to bring back the woolly mammoth

Mammoth skeletons at auction in 2017.Photo: Rob Stothard (Getty Images) A CIA-funded venture capital firm has officially bet on restoring extinct species such as the woolly mammoth and thylacine, according to a public wallet released this month and sighted by Interception. The company is called In-Q-Tel, and its mission (according to its website) is to … Read more