8 upcoming webinars to improve your search

Learn about the latest tools and techniques to expand your research capabilities with expert-led presentations on molecular controls, cell line development, natriuretic peptides, stem cells and more Select ScienceĀ® hosts dozens of free informational webinars for scientists each month, with world-class speakers at the forefront of their respective fields. In this regular feature, we highlight … Read more

Researchers demonstrate improved primate-induced pluripotent stem cell culture

A new study published in Cellular reports discovered transcriptomic and proteomic data, cell cultures and cell line resources that can enhance induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) research. Study: Chimpanzee and Pig-Tailed Macaque iPSC: Improved Cultivation and Generation of Embryos of Primate Cross Species. Image Credit: Anusorn Nakdee / Shutterstock The results found that cross-species blastocyst … Read more

Scientists create a mouse embryo from stem cells, no sperm or eggs are needed

A comparison between a natural (top) and synthetic (bottom) mouse embryo, showing similar brain and heart formation. Photo: Amadei and Handford Scientists in the UK claim they have accomplished a feat of genetic engineering: to create a “synthetic” mouse embryo without the need for eggs or sperm. The embryos, on the other hand, were created … Read more