More investments in climate technology are needed for a sustainable and green future

The first two weeks of September saw parts of India’s startup hub, Bengaluru, submerged in water. Excessive rainfall over a year in La Nina, coupled with urban sprawl built on natural water pools (lakes), led to more low-lying areas that saw several feet of standing water. The increase in urban population across India has led … Read more

Prime Medicine spells out IPO plans for “word processor” or gene editing

Gene editing research is looking for more precise approaches, with the goal of avoiding off-target changes that cause problems in other parts of the genome. Prime Medicine aims to offer that precision along with the potential to address a wider range of genetic diseases. Biotechnology has yet to test this technology on patients, but it … Read more

Rejuvenate Bio CEO Highlights Ambitious Approach of Using Gene Therapy to Reverse Aging

Rejuvenate Bio is a gene therapy startup looking to reverse aging. In response to emailed questions, CEO and co-founder Daniel Oliver talked about how he and his co-founder started the company and their vision for treatment. age-related conditions. Why did you start this company? The idea was born in George Church’s laboratory at Harvard Medical … Read more

Transparency of laboratory testing will improve patient care and reduce costs

The need for understandable and transparent pricing for medical services in the United States has increased urgently with the continued rise in out-of-pocket healthcare costs. Americans are delaying health care because they are unsure of the cost or cannot afford it. A recent Willis Tower Watson (WTW) survey of 9,600 U.S. workers showed that 4 … Read more

How sunlight could turn seawater into fresh water for coastal communities

CNN – A summer of extreme heat and drought around the world was a reminder that water scarcity is an urgent problem and will only get worse with climate change. Already, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than two billion people in the world do not have easy access to clean water. For … Read more

Investors criticize the “disgusting” return of WeWork founder Adam Neumann

Controversial WeWork founder Adam Neumann is raising huge amounts of investor money for his new real estate startup, but some venture capitalists are shivering at the payback plan. After news broke on Monday that Neumann’s new residential real estate startup Flow had raised $ 350 million from major venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz with a … Read more

New startup Versant Ventures has no guts for next-generation gene delivery

One of the reasons engineered viruses are used to deliver genetic medicines is that viruses are very good at penetrating cells. But the adeno-associated viruses (AAVs) used today have drawbacks. They have a limited genetic load capacity. Circulating in the body, they preferentially go to certain tissues or away from others. These viruses can also … Read more