Prime Medicine spells out IPO plans for “word processor” or gene editing

Gene editing research is looking for more precise approaches, with the goal of avoiding off-target changes that cause problems in other parts of the genome. Prime Medicine aims to offer that precision along with the potential to address a wider range of genetic diseases. Biotechnology has yet to test this technology on patients, but it … Read more

Rejuvenate Bio CEO Highlights Ambitious Approach of Using Gene Therapy to Reverse Aging

Rejuvenate Bio is a gene therapy startup looking to reverse aging. In response to emailed questions, CEO and co-founder Daniel Oliver talked about how he and his co-founder started the company and their vision for treatment. age-related conditions. Why did you start this company? The idea was born in George Church’s laboratory at Harvard Medical … Read more

Transparency of laboratory testing will improve patient care and reduce costs

The need for understandable and transparent pricing for medical services in the United States has increased urgently with the continued rise in out-of-pocket healthcare costs. Americans are delaying health care because they are unsure of the cost or cannot afford it. A recent Willis Tower Watson (WTW) survey of 9,600 U.S. workers showed that 4 … Read more

12 pickleball courts, 6 group fitness centers and a huge lap pool, Life Time McKinney at Craig Ranch prepares for fall opening

Memberships now available for a 100,000-square-foot athletic country club near PGA TPC Craig Ranch golf course MCKINNEY, Texas, September 12, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Everything is bigger Texas and now, as Life Time (NYSE: LTH) prepares to bring her 12th destination al Dallas-Fort Worth meter later this fall McKinneythe company will soon be operating … Read more

SpaceX’s Starship rocket starts a fire in a protected habitat during the static fire test

SpaceX’s Starship Rocket Starts Fire in Protected Habitat Surrounding Starbase During Static Fire Test SpaceX performed a static fire test on its starship serial number 24 (SN24) The test, although deemed a success, ignited a fire around the site The powerful thrust is believed to have melted the concrete on which the rocket sits The … Read more

Wall Street responds to the GOP in the ESG war

The Wall Street giants are defending a widespread initiative to invest in companies with environmentally friendly policies, moving away from investments in the fossil fuel industry following attacks on the practice by GOP leaders. Wealth management giant BlackRock has written a letter to GOP states that are trying to curb a social movement in the … Read more

The SpaceX spaceship prototype fires super hot debris, causing fires

Brush fires appeared shortly after the spaceship’s static fire test on Thursday, September 8, 2022.Screenshot: NASA space flight SpaceX performed a static fire test of a prototype Starship rocket on Thursday, in which all six raptor engines were driven. The eight seconds the test seemed to be fine, apart from the brush fire issue that … Read more

The Supreme Court ruling on the climate could have an impact on the nuclear waste case

WASHINGTON (AP) – The historic Supreme Court ruling on climate change could have implications for a number of other issues, including a case involving nuclear waste storage and a proposal requiring companies to disclose how climate risk it affects their activities, supporters across the political spectrum say. Two Republican Attorneys General, including the West Virginia … Read more

The scorching global drought has unearthed lost artifacts around the world

A global drought devastated communities around the world, but it also captivated millions as historic artifacts came to the surface, igniting memories from decades to centuries earlier. Let’s go prehistoric … This August, Dinosaur Valley State Park in Texas saw rare dinosaur tracks that are usually covered in water and sediment. With the Paluxy River … Read more

The GOP targets big Wall Street companies for investments to combat climate change

Republicans are fighting a social movement in the financial sector aimed at addressing systemic issues such as climate change. Government initiatives in Florida, West Virginia, and Texas target powerful Wall Street firms that they claim are engaged in environmental, social and governance (ESG) investments, which they believe are harmful to their state’s economies. Letters dated … Read more